WRT54G vs WRT54GS Tx Power Ratings

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Lance, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    I've compared the "RF Power Output" (GS) and "Transmit Power" (G) specs of the the two routers in the User's Guides available from the Linksys website. I see and calculate the following:

    WRT54G v2 = 15 dBm = 32 mW
    WRT54GS v1 = 18 dBm = 63 mW

    Does this mean Linksys doubled the power output of the GS? I'm confused by the two different terms used for power and want to make sure I'm not comparing apples and oranges.

    If these terms refer to the same thing, then my WRT54GS can be set to 63mW without any overheating worries at all, right?


  2. Smoky

    Smoky Network Guru Member

    you should be able to boost it as high as it will go with out it blowing up not gonna gurantee that so far mine hasnt went down and 32-63mW is nothing ive got one runing at 255mW and another running at 125mW and the one at 255mW is at 63dBm but like i said theres no gurantee's no 2 wrt54G(GS) are the same some might be able to take it where some might not last a day its a risk you take

    and yes you should be able to run at 63mW just fine :)
  3. mylink

    mylink Network Guru Member

    did any of you get better range with WRT54G after boosting the power output? I have tried mine; it does not seem to make a difference. :(

    I was curious if anybody with WRT54G was able to get the same kind of range after power boost as with WRT54GS.
  4. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

  5. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    Didn't make a difference (BTW, it's a WRT54GS). In my case I'm trying to push a signal from one corner of the house to the opposite and up one floor. Netstumbler says that computer has a signal strength of -78 dB. Oddly, a computer located on the 1st floor (but still at the opposite corner) has a signal strength of -91 dB. "Noise" is reported as -100 dB for both.

    These signal strengths are with parabolic reflectors (freeantennas.com), the Linksys 7 dBi antennas and tunring afterburner off. Guess I'll do some more math and see if the WRE54 range extender has a chance of working.

  6. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    I understand your caveats. I wish someone could find out which radio chip is being used so we could have a better understanding of what this router is capable of.

  7. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    Thanks pharma.

  8. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    I bought a WAP54G today, set it up as a repeater for the WRT54GS, and that made all the difference in the world. The WRT54GS is located in one corner of the house. The WAP54G is located at the opposite corner sitting right on top of the 1st floor computer (~50 ft apart). The second floor computer is located directly above the WAP54G. Antennas on the WAP are horizontal to direct the signal upwards to the 2nd floor.

    Signal strength for the 1st floor computer was -91 dBm, is now -59 dBm. Signal strength for the 2nd floor computer was -78 dBm, is now -35 dBm. Connection speed is reported as 54 Mbps, 5 bars signal strength, and very stable.

    These increases in signal strength (~30 to 40 dBm) are far beyond anything that doubling (3 dBm) or even quadrupling (6 dBm) power output of the WRT54GS could achieve.

    I understand the downside of a repeater is that throughput is half the max speed. Plus WPA is not supported on the WAP54G running in repeater mode - I have to use WEP. In my case these downsides are a good trade to achieve a solid wireless connection.

  9. 3dogs

    3dogs Network Guru Member

    repeater mode

    Lance: I'm considering a similar set up. What firmware are you using on the WAP for repeater mode?
  10. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    Re: repeater mode

    My WAP54G v2 is using firmware version 2.07. This is the latest version and came installed out of the box. The WRT54GS runs HyperWRT 1.4, I might try 2.0b2 depending on what people say about it here.

    I've done some crude speed tests (stopwatch and transfer a big file) and find file transfer speeds are only 5-6 Mbps even though the wireless NIC's report 54 Mbps. Stability is good, but this speed is a disappointment. I guess the wireless signal between the WRT and WAP is not as strong as it could be. I haven't yet found a way to easily measure signal strength/quality between the two devices.

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