WRT54G --> WAP54G and Securety settings

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Jan 4, 2006.

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    I have an WRT54G v 3.1 connetced to the Internet and a WAP54G v.3 wireless conected to the WRT54G as an wireless repeater and with my computer connected to the AP. This works fine.

    But I can't make it work, if I define any kind of securety. I have tried WPA pre-shared/personal, but then I can't access to the internet.

    Hope that some of you experts can help me with this......

    Best regards
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    Since you stated WPA PSK/Personal, that leads me to believe that you have a Linksys 4.xx based firmware on your WRT54G. This means that you need to upgrade the firmware in your WAP54G for it to work well against the new firmware in your WRT54G.

    You may also try loading Avenger's 21b1 HyperWRT onto the WRT54G, because that is a 3.xx firmware that works very well. See the FAQ section in the forums of Hyperwrt.org for some clues on how to update 21b1 to the latest standards of performance.

    When repeating, be sure to repeat onto a different SSID and different channel, not onto the same SSID, because the WAP54G might accidentally be talking to itself instead of your WRT54G. Try channels 3 and 9 for your network, because that will help in avoiding nearby super-g signals.
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