WRT54G WDS Problems

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by whittinghamj, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. whittinghamj

    whittinghamj Network Guru Member

    Hi everyone I have a problem and would like to ask for you advice. I am not new to wifi and I am an IT consultant but I am missing something really simple I guess cos I cannot get my WDS to work.

    Here is my setup

    <DSL Modem> - <CAT5e> - <WRT54G 1 (named root)> - <WDS Connection> - WRT54G 2 (Named AP-2) - <WiFi Clients>

    I followed a step by step install from a post on these boards which was amazing, thanks to the auther for the images and screen shots as well as it made life a hell of a lot easier :p.

    Anyways I finally got the connection working WORKOUT WEP, I tried with WEP but could not get it working at all. Anyways I got the connection working for about an hour and then it dropped all together and now even after rebooting both WRT's and checking settings like 10 times I cannot get it to work. I dont see anything that could be stopping / dropping the connection. The WRT's are only about 15 / 20 feet away. WRT 1 is inside and WRT2 is outside on the roof with much better antenna's/

    Can anyone think of anything off the top of thier head why it might not be work / what I might have done wrong. To see the settings i used please read this topic. http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=7

    Here is the status page for the wireless WDS on the webadmin page on the linksys wrt54g 1 (root)
    00:13:10:62:26:65 rssi -46

    on the other wrt the same is shown but for the first wrt and the last number is about 50 / 60

    Any help or comments would be great thanks yall.

    Kind Regards
    Jamie W
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    What firmware are you using? If you aren't already, I'd suggest you try using DD-WRT as I've found it to be more reliable for WDS connections. (Plus it supports WPA over WDSll!)

    You might also find the "WDS/Connection Watchdog" feature nice as well. With it you can configure each router to check ever few minutes and make sure the other router can be contacted. If the IP address you specify is unreachable the router will reboot itself.
  3. Corianus

    Corianus Network Guru Member

    wrt54g bridging

    I am also trying to get two wrt's to connect. One has OEM firmware which is acting as the regular router. The other is a v1.1 which has dd-wrt on it (I want to use this one as the bridge in the middle of my house). Do both have to have the third party firmware, or can it work the way I already have it? Can I use security? Aside from assigning a static IP to the 1.1 and adding it's wireless mac to the permission list, what other settings do I need to use?
  4. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    You can use DD-WRT to connect to a stock WRT assuming it has firmware v2.02.2 or newer. MAC filtering is also supported but I believe the Linksys firmware only supports WEP over the WDS connection. (You may want to double check this.)If you are running DD-WRT on both routers then you have the option to enable WPA as well.
  5. whittinghamj

    whittinghamj Network Guru Member

    thanks for the help guys, i got it working with DDWRT v23 everything is working great - one thing tho - anyone know how to setup nocatsplash? i want to wireless clients to be forwarded to a url which i then setup user accounts for via php ans sql? any ideas cos i tried playing with nocatsplash and it crashed the router - both of them lol


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