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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by nospamprl, Jan 9, 2008.

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    I have a WRT54G linked to a cable modem. One desktop PC is wired to the router and a laptop connects wirelessly.

    3 days ago I upgraded my access from 300kbps to 1500kbps with my cable operator, but I'm noticing weird things in the laptop:

    When I run a speed test (www.speakeasy.net/speedtest) on the desktop I get speeds according to the expected 1500 kbps, but when I run from the laptop it depends on which server I select on the speedtest, on west coast servers (Seattle, SF, LA) I get the similar results, but when I select east coast (NY, DC) I get ridiculous rates (as low as 5 kbps), weird because the same server yields 1400+kbps on the desktop (Test ran on one machine after the other several times with both machines connected to the router. I have also noticed that some other sites are loaded very slowly from the laptop.

    I think it has to do with something in the router, since the laptop can receive at full speed if I select the west coast servers or if I wire it to the router. Also, it's not the internet access because the desktop (or wired laptop) are able to download at full speed.

    I already tried to remove WPA, switched to mixed/B-only/G-only but makes no apparent difference. For these tests the laptop is about 2 feet from the router and I get an 54mbps link. I never noticed this problem when I had 300kbps from the cable operator.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks. :confused:
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