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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Ripskin, Jun 5, 2007.

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    Okay, this issue has me at the end of my rope :eek:

    I will refrence the following (I did search)

    First thread , Second thread and Verizons suggestion

    Lots of good information all of which I tried before searching and then retried.

    My problem follow's... I had an old speedstream that crapped out, been using it since I was on SBC, it worked on Verizon so I tossed the Westel in the closet. Speed stream died, pulled out the westel, after a week of fiddeling and numerous tech support calls get it working enough to make me happy due to school etc.

    It would pass the connectiong through to the router okay, but I was unable to host anything. Did a little searching on google and realized I was not fully bridged. I connected to the modem and set it to bridged (as in the other threads) and rebooted it, and my issues began again.

    Since that time I cannot get the modem to pass anything to the router, even like before. With it in full bridged mode nothing happins, leaving DHCP on in the modem or off nada. With the modem in Bridged & Routed bridged with DHCP enabled the router will get assigned an IP and DNS from the modem but not use it. With DHCP off in the modem but same protocol settings the router will get nothing from the modem. I have spent the last few days playing out as many variations as I can come up with over and over to no avail. I called Verizon's tech support but have yet to get a good tech from them who can do more than read the cue card.

    I have gone back and forth in the router with PPPoE enabled and off, for my area I am positive I do not need it on, (not to mention I have tried it on / off with all the connection variations mentioned above). The one staple from V's tech support was to keep the router in autoamtic mode, and the Modem itself defaults to running Bridged & Routed Bridge, doesnt even see a PPPoE under detect wan settings.

    Any help that could end this would be greatly appreciated!
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