wrt54g will not recognize wap54g

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cabocloset, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. cabocloset

    cabocloset Network Guru Member

    I have a network consisting of wap54g in access point mode, connected wirelessly to several other wap54g's in client mode. The clients are in a fairly direct line about 1-1/2 miles from the source. I can connect the ethernet port on the wap54g clients to a US Robotics 8054 router or a DLink D624 router and they will both transmit wirelessly or wired to several computers and it works great. This works in client mode and/or wireless bridge mode. Problem is that I cannot make my WRT54G router do the same thing, it will not connect with the client mode or wireless bridge wap54g , via the ethernet port or wirelessly. I am using V2.07 on the wap54g's, using channel 2, as channel 6 seemed to have too much traffic and caused slowdowns. The wrt54g is using v3.03. I have 3 wrt54g's, they all do the same thing. I can see no difference in the configuration from the US Robotics and Dlink routers. I read that you cannot connect more than one device to a wap54g in client mode, but I can assure that three computers are connected wirelessly to one wap54g via a Dlink router. I have a second network running on channel 1 from the same source modem, 2 wire 1500 home portal serving several clients, same thing there, no connection to wrt54g. This has me stumped, anyone care to comment?
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    When you set the WAP54G in client mode did you enter the MAC address of the wireless portion of the WRT54G. It is the MAC address that is listed on the wireless status window of the WEB client. When in client mode other wireless devices cannot connect to the WAP54G except the Access Point. You should have done a site survey to get the MAC address. Is the encryption set the same? In bridge mode there is no site survey mbut you can cut and paste it from the site survey in Access Point Client.
  3. cabocloset

    cabocloset Network Guru Member

    Thanks for reply, no in the Client WAP I set the MAC address of the WAP54G at the other end, which is in AP mode. There is only room for one MAC address. Perhaps I need to be in repeater mode for the second WAP but it will not let me change to channel 2, it always defaults to channel 6 no matter what I tell it in repeater. I just dont understand how a US Robotics and a Dlink both will repeat the signal and the linksys will not.
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