WRT54G: Wireless clients have 'little to no connectivity'

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ManyCowsMoo, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. ManyCowsMoo

    ManyCowsMoo Network Guru Member

    I have the WRT54G with the latest linksys firmware (v4.00.7) and 2 computers using Trendnet tew-421pc (pc card for the laptop which is running windows xp sp2) and tew-423pi (pci card for the desktop which is windows 98se) and these cards are both wireless G. I installed the drivers and they seem to be working. On the desktop, I'm using the provided trendnet wireless connection software and on the laptop, I'm using the windows wireless zero thing. When I connect to the router, it takes a while, but it can connect. BUT, it has 'little to no connectivity' so I can't access the internet or anything on the network. Right now I have wireless security (WEP, WPA, whatever) disabled on the router, but I'll try and enable a WEP and see if that changes anything.
  2. ice_trey

    ice_trey Network Guru Member


    Try assigning a static ip address and dns servers.
  3. ManyCowsMoo

    ManyCowsMoo Network Guru Member

    Well, I tried what that guy recommended and now the wireless card connect, but I don't get any internet access. I'm guessing that I got some of the ip/dns stuff down wrong, so I'll go double-check that.

    EDIT: Now it's not connecting at all. I double-checked the IP/DNS info and it was all correct.
  4. ManyCowsMoo

    ManyCowsMoo Network Guru Member

    Well... I assigned static IPs and reset the router and it was working last night, but when I tried it this morning, neither of the wireless computers would connect.
  5. ManyCowsMoo

    ManyCowsMoo Network Guru Member

    Well, it connects and runs fine after I restart the router, but after the computer is off for a few hours, it can't connect. =/
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