WRT54G wireless connection issues

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Vonshin, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Vonshin

    Vonshin Network Guru Member

    Lately my WRT54G seems to be messing up, or something is messing with it. My windows desktop will sometimes connect to it fine and say its got "exellent" connection. 2 seconds later, it looses the connection! Then eventually it picks it back up and works fine... and eventually it looses it again!. My wireless laptop doesn't have this problem nor does the computer wired into the router. (but the desktop with the wierd connection is the farthest from the router) I have never had any problems with it before. There are only two things i can think of that may be messing it up.

    1. I moved my computer recently to another side of the room.
    2. I switched to vonage... and connected it into my router

    What baffles me is that it WORKS perfectly with an 11 Mbps connection speed then out of no were it seems to loose it!
  2. al911er

    al911er Network Guru Member


    I have been using vonage on my network for a year now with no problems. The order of devices hook up I use, 1'st Cable modem, 2'nd Vonage unit , 3'rd Linksys router. Since I power off my linksys router each night, this way the vonage phone still works. I have 4 desktop pc's wired into router, 1 wireless laptop and 1 hp printer with wireless connection, all work great. I also had to slow down the speed of the wireless router to work with the printer.

    Hopefully just putting the vonage before the router will solve it. :)
  3. Vonshin

    Vonshin Network Guru Member

    I can't do that. There is no out ethernet cable on my vonage thing.
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