WRT54G wireless to WAP54G wireless to WMP54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by hyperion, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. hyperion

    hyperion Network Guru Member


    Me and my neighbour have a problem. We want to connect the WAP wireless to the WRT54G.

    Can anyone tell us the right settings?

    The WRT 54G has firmware: v3.01.3 - HyperWRT 2.0 and the WAP54G has v2.08 standard linksys.

    We have tried to access the WAP54G using the cable, but this did not work. Using wifi we got a connection, but we can only connect through the setup from the original cd-rom. we have tried the standard ip adres ( but this does not work.

    Please help us!!!!

    By the way, we are new to this kind of problems!

  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Exactly what do you want to do? You can setup the WAP54G as an access point, which is the fault configuration. You should connect with your WRT54G with a standard ethernet cable. You have to setup the SSID, channel and encryption and save the setting. You can setup the WAP54G as a repeater. After you setup the SSID, channel and encryption, select the Access Point selection and set it in repeater mode, by selecting the repeater mode, entering the MAC Address of the wireless portion of the WRT54G and saving the setting. The MAC Address is available on the Wireless Status page of the WRT54G. The WMP545G can then pickup the repeated signal from the WAP54G. If there is MAC address filterling on the WRT%$G, be certain to add the MAC Address of the WAP54G to the list of PCs allowed to access the WRT54G wirelessly.
  3. wncpc

    wncpc Network Guru Member

  4. hyperion

    hyperion Network Guru Member

    The WRT54G is already set, works for over a year now. And perfectly I might ad.

    The WAP54G needs to be configurated. I will try the ethernet cable.
    I will let you know.
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