WRT54g with tomato and ATT Uverse

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kd9rg, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. kd9rg

    kd9rg LI Guru Member

    I am struggling to interface my Linksys with the 2Wire gateway that ATT Uverse uses. Spent an hour on the phone with their technical support folks (spoke to 3 people) and finally they basically told me that it was my problem. Of course when I called and told them what I wanted too do before I signed up, it would be no problem to hook up the Linksys. That being said, I love my Linksys and Tomato ware is awesome. Gives me the control over my kids internet access, both on the desktop and with internet gaming (Xbox-Live).
    I can not get out to the internet through the 2wire gateway when I am connected with the WRT54g. If I plug both the 2wire and the computer into the
    WRT54's ethernet ports (nothing in the internet port) I can get to the IP address of the 2 wire, but no farther. I would appreciate any help on this. Sorry if I have not included enough info. Thanks for any help. Mike/KD9RG

    Not sure what version of tomato ware I am running. I'll check that tonight. tnx agn.
  2. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    DMZ-mode/double nat OR bridge-mode, all depending on how you want it setup OR can switch everything around.
  3. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    sounds like both modem and router are in the same local IP range i.e. 192.168.1.x, if so change one to to 192.168.2.x for example.
  4. m4rketsense

    m4rketsense Addicted to LI Member

    I have the exact same set-up as the OP. I left the 2Wire with the default settings for IP address, range, etc. I changed the Linksys to 192.168.2.x. The WAN port of the Linksys is plugged into a LAN port of the 2Wire. Then, put the Linksys in the DMZ through the 2Wire. This connects the Linksys through to the internet.

    I then have all my computers running on the network created by the Linksys, both wired and wireless. This allows me to set the Linksys as a G-Only router with WPA. I set up the 2Wire with WEP and a B-only connection so my kid's could get online with their Gameboy DS. If you don't need it, you could disable the wireless on the 2Wire. Effectively, I have two separate networks using one internet connection.
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