WRT54G: WPA + WDS Issues

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by LouisB, May 25, 2005.

  1. LouisB

    LouisB Guest

    I've been trying to figure out why I can't get WDS + WPA/TKIP working correctly on my home network.

    I have a WRT54G v2 at home, and the remote WDS station is an Apple Airport Express. I've tried the latest builds of Alchemy and Sartori to no avail. The AP Express is running firmware 6.1.1.

    From Apple's firmware readme, apparently they increased reliability with WPA over WDS. I've read in the forums and on a few other sites that some folks have it functioning.

    My Airport Express gets a green status light which means it should be connected. However, when I connect to the Express, I'm unable to ping the Linksys and vice versa. I'm also unable to ping the Airport Express from the Linksys, even though it says it's connected.

    Looking at the wireless status from the Linksys, I see the MAC address of the Airport and an RSSI usually around 60.

    I know of the MAC address encryption inherent in WPA that should make it incompatible with WDS, but these problems should have been resolved already, no? Any ideas of what could be wrong?
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  3. DylanG

    DylanG Network Guru Member


    I'm having the exact problem. Using DD-WRT v22 and 6.2 for the APX.

    WPA works fine with APX as client and WDS works fine with no security. But no juicy goodness if I try to use WPA+WDS.
  4. Celeron

    Celeron Network Guru Member

    I've not had any luck getting WDS and WPA to work reliably. I've gotten it to connect before, but the connection isn't at all reliable and drops out frequently. I'm not sure why and without a wireless sniffer I can't troubleshoot the problem.

    I know WDS with WEP works solidly, so if you can do that with the Airport Express its better than nothing.
  5. DylanG

    DylanG Network Guru Member

    Thanks. I think I'm at a dead end with this. I've asked in several forums and done a lot of searching and I haven't found anyone whose gotten WPA+WDS to work the APX and a non Apple base station.

    You're right that WEP is better then nothing though I think my Momma could crack it with the tools available now. My real reason for wanting WDS is actually not that critical. I don't need the coverage. I really just want a convenient ethernet port for my XBox. The APX can only act as a wifi to ethernet bridge in WDS mode. For some reason Apple disables the ethernet port when the APX is acting as a client. Maybe it's a chipset limitation or maybe Steve Jobs decided I didn't need that function. Whatever. I'll just go back to running an ethernet cable across the room.
  6. HoMa

    HoMa Network Guru Member



    maybe this is helpful:
    The Frimware I use has a option called 802.1x (I think) and in the documenting HTML page one can read, that this option is necessary for WDS. Maybe its the same at your site and you just need to activate some addtional options.

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