wrt54g + wre54g + 7dbi antennas = 3MBPS ??

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by domerdel, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. domerdel

    domerdel Network Guru Member

    I have the following Linksys products
    WRT54G with upgraded Linksys High Gain 7dbi antennas
    WRE54G Linksys wireless range expander

    I drew a diagram of my home network. (Added attachment, i hope it shows up)

    First, let me start of describing what DID work. I use to have my office and master bedroom shared (see reference to OLD LOCATION).

    Connecting from wireless router (w/o high gain antennas or expander) communicating to video media player in living room of streaming speeds anywhere from 20 - 36 MBPS streaming media such as picture slide shows and videos (AVI/MPG) played flawlessly

    I had to move my office to a separate room down ways (again, refer to diagram). Before I got high gain antennas, I was getting transfer/streaming speeds of 0.5-4 MBPS. Videos would hault, loading time was severe.

    I purchased both High gain antennas and WRE54G Wireless range expander.

    Average speed is about 2 - 6 MBPS.

    I've tried moving the wireless range expander in the following locations
    -Around the Office
    -In previous spot of gateway thinking it would relay the speeds
    - right next to the video media player.

    I MUST keep the router in the office due to my computer set up.
    Should I be having these problems after a $200 upgrade to my wireless expandability?[​IMG]
  2. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    when you add a wireless range expander into the mix of any wireless network, you automatically cut maximum bandwith in half. Using the range expander, you increased the coverage area and made your wireless connection more stable, but at a hit to maximum bandwith.
  3. domerdel

    domerdel Network Guru Member

    I wont argue that it would cut in half. However, you completely overlooked my issue.

    Here's the scenario before. You have to look at where my router was previously put, and even at those speeds, it should play above and beyond 3 MBPS. My DSL download speeds are almost faster than my home network, this is rediculous considering the coverage area of my entire home is 1200 SQ FT.

    Thank you for at least responding, but the issue still stands.

    P.S. The router is somewhat near a window, does this play a factor?
  4. brucebeh

    brucebeh Network Guru Member

    Are you using a wireless laptop or anything?

    If not, you might want to move your extender to the center of the 15x20 room, not the dead center, but center walls.

    1 ) Make sure you're running on a channel that your neighbouring wifi is NOT running on, use a program like net stumbler to figure that out.

    2) Run custom firmware if you're already not like DD-WRT and boost the transmit power to 30 or 32 (anything higher you'll have too much noise for video)

    3) Move your wireless router in front of your PC (like, put it as close as to the door you possibly can, maybe even in the hallway and run CAT5 under the carpet to your computer in the office.

    4) Try removing the range extender after following steps 1 to 3. A 1200SQ FT home should NOT require a range extender at ALL, i have a 2800SQ FT home and I get excellent wifi all around the house including basements and garage.

    Last but not least, I am assuming your entire diagram just represents one floor? If not, is your office on the first or second floor? And is the wireless video player on the second or first floor?

    See the diagram I re-drew for details.

  5. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    I don't necessarily agree with this because a lot of it depends on what the signal has to go thru to reach it's clients. I have a 1600sq ft house and require the use of another router, using WDS, to get a descent signal at the opposite end of the house, because my signal has to go upstairs, thru a double ceiling, thru 4 other rooms and a garage. Sure, I could put my router in the hall or another room, but it's just not practical.
  6. domerdel

    domerdel Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the updated diagram, and the continous responses i'm getting. going to do my homework.

    I'll let you in on something, the video player, it's a hacked xbox, which allows to play streaming media avi files to mpg files.

    The house is one story tall, just to let you know.

    I'm going to do the suggestions and keep you all posted, so that others like me wont have the same problem
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