WRT54G + WRT54GS Advanced Routing

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by nafets, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. nafets

    nafets Network Guru Member

    Hello everyone, I just bought my second linksys router to extend my wireless lan. So know I'm not quiet sure how to setup things in the "Advanced Routing" tab.
    Thing I want to do is:

    WRT54G --(WLAN)--> WRT54GS --(DSL)--> Internet

    Which operation mode and settings do I have to choose for the 2 routers. I'd appreciate it if you could give me some advice. Thanks!
  2. zaphod

    zaphod Network Guru Member

    you need a firmware which support WDS

    look in the satori thread theres a link for a how-to...

    but dont use satori, it only supports client mode...

    use alchemy 6.0...

    got nearly the same config running which you want to realize... it works good for me :)


  3. nafets

    nafets Network Guru Member

    WDS speed

    my WRTs now work with WDS and alchemy. The transfer speed between them is about 800kb which is lower than I expected. Is this the normal behaviour or am I missing something ?
  4. zaphod

    zaphod Network Guru Member

    have you flashed both with alchemy ??

    i have only flashed one with alchemy the inet-connecting-wrt runs with hyperwrt...

    how did you setup wds?? did you use the mixed-mode for wireless?? i changed to g-only and it works better since that...

    post your wds-config and i can say more...


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