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    I have a WRT54G that has worked fine for a year. Recently I upgraded from DSL to Cable and want to use the WRT54G as an Access Point only. I have turned off DHCP, assigned the WAN to an different IP address scheme and unconnected the WAN port. I have assigned the internal network to an address and connected the lan port to the lan port on the Cable Modem, router (gateway address on cable modem I have a static address assigned on the wireless nic of my laptop. Here is the problem. I get internal connections just fine on my wireless networks (192.168.1.x) However, internet works for about 5-15 minutes and then I cannot route packets back to my laptop over the wireless connection. (Wired connections work fine). I have XP with SP2 loaded, windows firewall turned off (use cisco). If I reboot the laptop or reset the IP address I get a connection again to the internet for about 5-15 minutes before it stops routing packets. What do I need to do to correct this?
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    We recently got cable internet at work. Comcast provided a modem/router unit, and we already had a router 1000 times better than the one they gave us. I just made our router the DMZ host in the cable modem and everything works great.

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