WRT54G2 portforwarding problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sosa.dk, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. sosa.dk

    sosa.dk Addicted to LI Member

    hello everyone,

    bougth a WRT54G2 and have tried to portforward 6 ports for gaming. setting are saved succefully in the router setup, but when I go & check the ports they all look "closed"......registrated but not "listening". :frown:

    in order to be a host for the game and launch an online session where guest players can join, I need those 6 ports "listening".

    the forwarded ports match the pc's IP (Internet Protocol TCP/IP).

    what am I missing?...anything else in the router setup? :confused:

    cheers ..... Eric
  2. irootsk

    irootsk Addicted to LI Member

    Can you describe what have you done there?
    Because it's hard to say why it does't work. Also, do you have public IP address?
  3. sosa.dk

    sosa.dk Addicted to LI Member

    router info.jpg

    here is the information.

    only one port is open and "listening", the rest of the ports are closed and "not listening"..

    why are the forwarded ports NOT opened and "listening"??

    hope you understand what I mean....:rolleyes:

    regards... Eric
  4. irootsk

    irootsk Addicted to LI Member

    hmmm, intersting. What about your firewall? It could be the problem. Need to make an exception for rFactor and all necessary ports.
    Are you setting up a server from rFactor or dedicated server?

    BTW - that picture is bit small :wink:
  5. sosa.dk

    sosa.dk Addicted to LI Member

    done without win firewall, if I use win firewall, all ports are Stealth. I did try to open the necesary rfactor ports in win firewall, but it does not work, therefore I try to run the rfactor online session without it, also with the AVG "shell extention" unactivated.

    router info small.jpg

    btw, the pic can NOT be bigger (jpg pic not allowed to be upload in bigger size in this site)

    it does not matter if I launch the session with the dedicated server or creating the session from the game...it's ONLY myself who can enter the session but NOBODY else...:(

    regards ... Eric
  6. irootsk

    irootsk Addicted to LI Member

    it does.
    if you run dedicated server you need to check, if ports you want to forward are same as ports in config file of server. if they're different, port forwarding wont work :wink:

    so we need to eliminate all possible problems to make port forwarding work.
  7. sosa.dk

    sosa.dk Addicted to LI Member

    the do match indeed:
    Query Port Start="34297" // range is 1025 - 65535
    Port Start="34397" // range is 1025 - 65535
    Matchmaker TCP Port="39001" // TCP port to use when communicating with the Matchmaking Server
    Matchmaker UDP Port="39002" // UDP port to use when communicating with the Matchmaking Server
    Session Race & Chat Information TCP Port="34447"
    besides port 34382 also for rfactor (see pic attached)

    don't realy understand why the router do NOT let the forwarded ports to be "listening" although there look registrated "closed"....they all ougth to be "open" and not only 34447 as seen also in the pic attached.
  8. irootsk

    irootsk Addicted to LI Member

    As i see on picture you have provided,protocol for all ports is set - BOTH. So set them properly:
    34297 - UDP
    34397 - UDP
    39001 - TCP
    39002 - UDP
    34447 - TCP
    34382 - TCP

    Save the settings and reboot the router.
  9. sosa.dk

    sosa.dk Addicted to LI Member

    done...set the TCP's & UDP's according to each port.

    I can not "reboot" the router...hope u mean to swich it off and on after some secs.

    to test the "join timed out" or succesfully entered the online session, I have 2 more pc's with the game installed although connected to the same router. for the last 2 weeks the other 2 pc's have been unable to join the sessions, as well as my pals...in fact nobody else!!.. but me; my own pc & the one that have launched the session = the "host" machine.

    hope you are rigth and finally I can "host" an online session with guest not having the anoying "join timed out".

    I let you know whenver I got the time to test again with all machines running.
  10. irootsk

    irootsk Addicted to LI Member

    If other PC's from your home network wont access the host pc, then you have to find problem at host pc. not with a router. You have to make sure, you don't have more software firewall installed on your PC. also have a proper look at AVG.

    Also, if your ports looks closed from WAN, you have to make sure thatthose ports are not blocked by internet provider.
  11. sosa.dk

    sosa.dk Addicted to LI Member

    they pc's are not working as network (that is not the intention) although there are all connected to the internet through the same Linksys router.

    I have contacted the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and they ashure that there are only 2 ports reserved "bloqued"; port 5000 and 341 for security reasons and the company do not block any port for costumers.

    when I say "host", I mean indeed, being the host of the GAME online session. rfactor has a "server list" = matchmaker for anyone owning the game can create or join an online session by finding them at the server list and then simply "join" it.

    as my personal pc is the one with "STATIC IP" that matches the router forwarded ports, therefore is the one in need of having those ports opened & "LISTENING".

    made a new test with your suggestion of giving the "right" UDP and TCP in the router, (no win firewall, no AVG shell extention) having the dedicated server running, result: 3 Stealth ports and 3 closed. same settings and using "BOTH" in Protocol, result: all ports closed but 34447 open. still nobody else could join but myself. uncheckt the ports and enable DMZ with my pc's IP, same setting, result: all ports closed but 34447 open....tho this time my other 2 pc's could finally join! :)

    ....I finally succeed by doing the following: using the dedicated server & launching 2 different sessions one after the other. the first session gave "join timed out" to guest BUT the second one ALLOW players to join! :)

    weird, if I terminate the first session then the session left (the second one) & running gives "join time out" to anyone again!...besides I needed to try several times launching both sessions until no more "join time out" in the second one.

    my thougths.....the WRT54G2 router does forward indeed the ports but somehow it doesn't properly and it makes things very difficult to handle....unfortunatelly. why only when setting the router to DMZ works although not correctly?

    ...still wondering where the blody little setup mistake is :confused:
  12. irootsk

    irootsk Addicted to LI Member

    Have you got the latest firmware for router? Personaly i'd go for 3rd party firmware. I've got DD-WRT on both routers for several years. Without any issue.
  13. sosa.dk

    sosa.dk Addicted to LI Member

    humm, there are no new updates for the router if I press the "update" key in the Linksys Easy Link Adviser....where else can I get it?, don't know what DD-WRT means...sorry my naiviness :rolleyes:


    just made a new test using all machines and having launched 2 session (2 dedicated servers) and entering the second one withouth problems + many other new guest :cool: ...a bit complicated but it works...:rolleyes:
  14. irootsk

    irootsk Addicted to LI Member

    Hi Eric

    Here you can find new firmware for your router and also user guide.
    First have a look which version is installed in your router (last version is 1.3.00)
    If you going to upgrade firmware for version Ver.1.3.00 disconnect all wireless clients (if you have got any) from the router during the upgrade. Make sure that none of your computers will try to access the router.(wirelessly :wink: )

    DD-WRT is alternative firmware. It contains more tools to tweak the router.
    But your router is capable to take only micro version of DD-WRT. (you've got only 2MB flash memory).


    BTW - no problem. People helped me now i helping to others :wink:
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