WRT54G2 third party firmware/or DHCP reservation workaround?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by scoobey, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. scoobey

    scoobey Addicted to LI Member

    New to the site, but I've searched thoroughly and can't find anything on this other than a stalled discussion of folks digging into the hardware.

    I just bought this router (WRT54G2) at Fry's, only to learn it doesn't have DHCP reservation. (Linksys chat support says NONE of their pre-N routers has that f(x), which I guess is old news here but blew me away!) I see that some wonderful folks (yeah, you, Tomato and others!) have made firmware for the other Gs that fixes this, but the G2 isn't compatible. I'm about to take the box back to the store, but would love to learn that someone's close to a fix, or that there's a workaround to the "DHCP reservation" (or lack thereof).

  2. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    This version is the same as the WRT54GV8 and WRT54GV82. According to this DD-WRT thread Linksys introduced 6 (yes - 6) checksums to flash it. And that they're working on it.

    I'm not sure about Tomato though.
  3. scoobey

    scoobey Addicted to LI Member

    Gave up -- returned the dang thing

    I figured it wasn't worth it and just took the box back to Fry's. Too bad -- seems like a solid router and it's stupid that the company doesn't just write some decent firmware to add DHCP reservation, but we all already knew that if we could run the world things would be much better, right? Good news is I found a Linksys WRT300N at Fry's, previously opened, for $79, so I've got a nice solid new router with the right functions. Plus, it has external antennas -- two omindirectional and one paddle-shaped directional -- so it looks more like the Millennium Falcon that like the saucer from "The Day the Earth Stood Still," and I figure the more technical a thing looks, the better it must be. (Fins made cars faster, too!) Plus, I made my kids laugh from swiveling the antennas while chirping then saying in a British accent, "now, R2, you know that's not polite!" So I've got that going for me, too.

    Thanks anyway!
  4. Krosik

    Krosik LI Guru Member

    I think 54G2 don't have DHCP reservation because it's low end model in Linksys portfolio.
    But other things is that 54G2 is newest than 300N so it has some new features like when you change anything in settings, router doesn't require restart (I have both 300N and 52G2). And also for 300N is latest firmware from Sept 2007, it doesn't looks like there will be some next version, unfortunatelly latest version 2.0.20 has known security hole (google it for details) and there is not fix for this problem.
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