WRT54G3G and automatic connection to non Vodafone providers

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by MAS3, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. MAS3

    MAS3 LI Guru Member

    Last friday i was playing with this WRT54G3G and an Option GlobeTrotter HSDPA.
    I have a Vodafone SIM card that does GPRS (not UMTS which is also suported by the Option card), and i have another SIM which does EDGE (an extention to GPRS).
    The WRT and Option card work perfectly together, once the right login settings are set. :thumbups:
    The WRT can sort out which are the right settings, but only in case of a Vodafone related provider.
    This product is clearly build to fit Vodafone's needs, their logo is everywhere on te box and in the firmware.
    However, as stated before, you can use it with other providers.
    I'm sure the settings are in some small database file, which i'm also sure can be changed to also fit my other provider.
    That way i could just set the WRT to auto and power down, replace the SIM and power up again without having to change settings.
    So i downloaded the source code from linksys' site.
    But there are some 50.000 files reported in there.
    Here are my questions:

    Can anyone tell me where to look, and what file to look for that holds this small database.
    Could i just FTP into the WRT and overwrite the file that holds the settings (not the NVRAM settings), and will that still work after power down or factory reset ?
    Or do i have to compile my own firmware to be able to do this ?
    Anyone like to share experience with the white russian alternative firmware to this respect ?

    As there are providers present in this WRT's list that i'm sure it will never connect to, i could just replace those settings with the right ones for my needs.

    (this is a repost, as the first one was lost in some server mayhem on saturday)
  2. AnfieldReds

    AnfieldReds LI Guru Member

    Hey MAS3

    Which version of the firmware you are using? Actually you can just ignore the Vodafone settings and manually set the APN and you will be good to go :)
  3. MAS3

    MAS3 LI Guru Member

    Hi AnfieldReds, thanks for your reply.

    Firmware is 1.998 (by head, but as far as i know it's the latest).
    I know about the manual settings.
    But i'd like to have the possibility to do this automaticly because i'm not the only user and we make use of different providers in different countries.
    One of these providers is vodafone, but there's also non vodafone.
    Now if a less "nerdy" user has to do any manual settings, things can go horribly wrong and i'll have to save the day.

    This unit is used in a mobile setup and supposed to serve a server that handles internet access and mail.

    Another problem is als also the (by now known bug) of randomly disconnecting without automatic reconnect, even if all settings are right and the mailserver is setup in a way that it is quite often accessing the internet.

    The latter one is a very serious problem, as these setups are also typically used to serve as a backup for alarm reporting and so on.
    It's way past time for linksys/vodacom to repair that one.
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