WRT54GC can't transmit on port 3689 for iTunes?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by carterman, Sep 2, 2005.

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    First post here, please be nice to the newbie.

    So I bought a WRT54GC off of Amazon.com the other day because I needed a wireless router here in my dorm room at Texas Tech. I've gotten it working just fine on connecting to the internet and whatnot, but iTunes' Music Sharing has given me fits with accessing others' playlists, saying that I need to activate communication on port 3689. Now, I can see the names of the playlists, and others can see the playlist I have shared, while I'm connected to the router, but it doesn't let me see the list of songs they're sharing (or listen to any of them for that matter), and same with others trying to access mine. It works just fine when I'm directly connected to the school's network.

    So I set Port Range Forwarding for port 3689 (TCP) to go to my laptop, with a Static DHCP address. It still doesn't let me listen to other people's music. I set up the computer I'm on as a DMZ device, and it STILL doesn't work. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, if anything, or what I need to do?

    - I'm on Windows XP.
    - I disabled the SPI firewall, still doesn't work.
    - I've also gotten error messages saying to activate port 36?
    - Some playlists do work, that are being shared via LimeWire, but they rebuffer every few seconds.

    Thank you for any help you could possibly give. This issue is really bugging me.
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