WRT54GC failed after upgrading

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by zamir-h, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. zamir-h

    zamir-h Guest

    I have read a lot of threads regarding firmware upgrade failures in WRT54GC model. Maybe another one was born...
    I have the 54GC a few month but never have it operate successfully. Each hour, too many disconnections. I got advice to upgrade firmware and found the Linksys official 1.02.8. During upgrade the wired computer stuck. I got none pingable router with yellow power led. I have tried most of the recommendations in this site: Using wired computer, Resetting the unit (30 sec & turned off), static IP address, lowering net speed (10T), TFTP utility but the 54GC refused to answer.
    Funny, I have the 54GL and it works perfect. I thought that the 54Gc would be nice for travels... Before I give up and say "No more bad product like
    Linksys 54GC" any of you have some idea what to do?
  2. farfromsubtle

    farfromsubtle LI Guru Member

    I just googled wrt54gc yellow led and found this post... and it's fresh too!

    I just upgraded the firmware on this router. Prior to upgrade everything was working fine, I have it feeding off of another wired linksys.

    According to the onscreen upgrade, everything went smoothly. However, the router now has a yellow led and cannot be pinged.

    NOTE: While wireless no longer works, the router still connects to the internet when plugged into the dsl modem.

    This is confusing.
  3. farfromsubtle

    farfromsubtle LI Guru Member

    Oh and one more thing:

    The reset button wont work on mine, even after pressing and holding it for over 20 seconds. Not sure if it is related, or just a coincidence.
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