WRT54GC setup away from home

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Golf Nut, Dec 3, 2006.

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    I have searched prior posts and can't seem to figure this out based on what others have posted in the past. I bought this travel router/AP and at home had no trouble using it as a way to boost the wireless signal in part of my house. I have never gotten it to work away from home.

    I am at a hotel where there is wireless but it is weak and I'd like to use this in my room to attempt to get a more reliable signal. The hotel only has wireless, no option for connecting this to a LAN. The wireless is completely unsecured and I can successfully get at anything on the internet that I need - it is just real slow and cuts out at times.

    I have been able to connect to my travel router and the web config utility but have no internet connection. Everything times out. But I can reselect the hotel wireless and get internet immediately. I've reset my router's settings back to factory default to remove the security I set up in case that had something to do with it but it didn't help.

    Help please!

    Here are the specs for the wireless router that I am connecting to at the hotel... combo of info from wireless config utility and ipconfig /ALL.
    Default Gateway
    DHCP server
    DNS Servers,,
    Adapter MAC address 00:18:DE:29:5F:E8
    Channel 1
    Access Point MAC address 00:20:A6:57:30:BA
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    You're looking for a wireless distribution capable router. No travel router I know of supports WDS
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