WRT54GC - upgrade 100% trouble

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yepes, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Yepes

    Yepes Network Guru Member

    Huge problem

    I've updated the firmware from to But after the process was finished i was left with a yellow power led an no wireless led. The internet link works properly also the siwtch function but i cannot connect to the admin utility no use wirelles access anyone has a solution for this??
  2. brando71

    brando71 Guest

    I have the exact same problem

    Can't reset it either. The reset button doesn't seem to work at all. Would appreciate any help also.
  3. ddelong

    ddelong Network Guru Member

    I hate to break it to you guys, but the WRT54GC is particularly temperamental when it comes to flashing. I flashed one the day I got it only to fry it. Linksys tech support over chat helped me confirm it.

    I've flashed many devices in my day, and this model was the first to fail doing it.
  4. Yepes

    Yepes Network Guru Member

    Dude but that's weird they make the freakin thing without a working reset button. Is there way to get it to work? any procedure similar to the one for the wrt54g?
    i've flashed all sorts of stuff from cameras to video cards to burners, and more, but ivé never encountered things like these. Also i was using the released firmware with the released tool, the one on the config screen on a wired connection, and then bum it finished it restarted i think for the leds (altougth no power failure since my dsl modem turn itself of with the smallest voltage change and it never did so i'm sure there was no power problem). But it never resumed wireless connections and i couldn't connect to it on any address.
  5. ddelong

    ddelong Network Guru Member

    As far as I could research, there was nothing that could be done. Pinging never yielded any results after the failed firmware update. It sucks.
  6. Yepes

    Yepes Network Guru Member

    yep i don't even remember what color the power led used to be now it is solid yellow tougth for what i have read it should be blinking if it was a hardware failiru anyone can confirm this. BTW Does it count as a brick if it stills works as a switch LOL.

    the problem is that it cost nearly double here in colombia, about U$70 so the wrt54g is near the U$130 :sadbye:
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