WRT54GC v1.0 Firmware v1.10.1 - Latest

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by Kellson, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Kellson

    Kellson LI Guru Member

    I just got the lastest firmware of my WRT54GC:biggrin: , its from the Linksys Driver CD (Australia)
    just check it out here: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=215861

    I've upgraded my WRT54GC v1.0 with it, and it works fine. But I'm not sure what are the differences compare to v1.04.5 or v1.04.6beta.:rolleyes:
  2. angelcagemax

    angelcagemax LI Guru Member

    many many thanks, kellson
    signal and quality are much better than before!
  3. unknown604

    unknown604 Guest

    link not working

    the link is dead.

    anybody still have the files?
    i still need them
  4. typer

    typer Guest

    How it's possible? 1.10 ??
    Latest AU firmware on http://www-au.linksys.com
    Firmware 1.03.0 4/07/2005 Version Info 3.27 MB

  5. linuxbastard

    linuxbastard Addicted to LI Member

    upgraded firmware..


    I'd really like to know where you got this firmware from?

    I've been looking all over for a firmware upgrade since I've been having problems with my router and some sites and I'd want to know if this would really work for my issue. Usually they would also post some revision information when they release new firmware.
  6. linuxbastard

    linuxbastard Addicted to LI Member

    upgrade to firmware 1.10


    since I've been stuck with my problem for a few weeks now, I went ahead and upgraded the firmware from the one I got on this thread.

    Didn't notice any major speed change and still have an issue if I have it configured as a PPPoE gateway. (with a modem connected in bridge mode through WAN port)
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