WRT54Gc + WRT54g = WDS?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jray, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. jray

    jray LI Guru Member


    I'm trying to turn my WRT54G (setup with DD-WRT) into a repeater.

    The WRT54GC is connected to my cable modem. So it'll be the host. The GC runs fine, but I have lousy wireless connections to my PC upstairs.

    Looking around, people are suggesting I use WDS mode. Is the GC capable of this? I can't find an option for WDS on the GCs admin screen.

    If WDS is not capable, are there other wireless options available that will turn the G into a repeater?

  2. dirtyclyde

    dirtyclyde Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS or WRT54G WDS to WRT54GC

    I have used this before in the 128bit WEP mode (WDS), but because of LAN/Wireless interface is slow I stopped using my WRT54GC any longer it's just a backup, I have too many spare WRT54G and GS at the moment.

    WRT54GSv2.1 WDS to WRT54GC (128 bit WEP) worked OK
    WRT54Gv4.0 WDS to WRT54GC (128 bit WEP) Worked OK

    the WRT54GC was just too damn slow!

    It worked with Thibor, Tufu & DD-WRT!
  3. jray

    jray LI Guru Member

    Does it matter which position the GC is in?

    I ask because I think the internet IN ethernet port is broken on the G, and it can't be the host for this reason. My roommate recently bought the GC to replace the G. In other respects, the G seems to be working fine, but because its ethernet port isn't working, it has to be the wireless repeater.
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