Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Ferret, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Ferret

    Ferret LI Guru Member


    Well after many years of avoiding routers networking ect ive now got a WRT54GC.

    I have this setup and its main use to be honest was to attached a Spa1001 for VOIP.

    I have a cable modem SB4100 this connects direct to the router. My PC and Spa1001 are connected to the ethernet ports.Is this the correct way cause i have a problem?

    When i try to use the setup wizard on the cd it checks the router then my internet connection at this point it tells me it can not detect a internet connection and stops the wizard. Well i have a perfect internet connection im using it now.

    Any ideas what is wrong?

    I need to use the wizard to setup security a hardwired connection to another PC as im a total tit with these things.

    Any help be good

  2. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Just some general notes (which I think classify as "Any help"...) as I don't know the GC:
    Is the ethernet side of your modem connected to the WAN port on the router? It should be.
    Is your modem not perhaps set up to do all the NATting and management of the internet connection? If so, you must setup the router to be a "router", not a gateway. This, and other stuff, can be done by going to from a PC connected to the router.

    Alternatively, if you want to keep the management of the internet connection on the modem, connect the modem to one of the LAN ports on the router. This way, your router will just be a switch.
  3. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If you want to use the wizard, it want a direct connection to the internet (no router between). Alternately you can use the web GUI of the WRT54GC to configure it as you would like. The wizard is very limited and you most likely use the web GUI anyway to fine tune the WRT54GC.
  4. Ferret

    Ferret LI Guru Member


    Yes the Modem is connected to the Wan port.

    The NATthing? Sorry red cabbage on this lol.Thats why i wanted to use the wizard to set it up i can answer yes/no lol but know im really confused the wizard is the software that came with the router! So why can the router not be between?

    The Gui means nothing much to me at the moment and ive been reading all day.

    What do i have to setup to ensure its job is a router and not a Gateway?

    The good news is ive manage to set up the Spa1001 with 2 accounts and it is working bang on.

    Just need to get my head round the wireless security now i was just hoping i could turn it off for now but ya carnt.

  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    It seems like you solved. Just for clarity: If the WRT54GC is to be your "in charge" device for connection to the internet, it wants a DUMB device (modem) connected to the GC's WAN port. In this scenario, the GC tells the modem what to do, how and when to connect to the internet, what username/password to use (if any), etc. The GC then is your primary gateway to the internet. If the modem itself has some intelligence, i.e. you set up the how/when/username/password to connect to the internet on the modem, the GC must function as a router.
    NAT means Network Address Translation, aka IP masquarading. It takes your private IP (like, and when it goes through the gateway (be-it the GC or the intelligent modem), it translates this IP to an internet IP address (the WAN side one of the gateway device), so machines on the internet thinks the request came from the gateway and not from a machine behind the gateway with a private IP address.
  6. Ferret

    Ferret LI Guru Member


    Nice explanation m8.I now understand i little more.Ive been reading a lot about the firewall on my router and to be honest it sounds basic, should i still run Zone Alarm till i understand more?

  7. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    I have no idea what Zone Alarm is, nor what it does, so I cannot make any recommendation on that. Note though, that the firewall on the router, is a fancy port/packet filter - it is not anti-virus, VPN, wireless security, or any such thing.

    The NAT part is a sort-of firewall (actually it's a pretty good one, as "the internet" cannot see your machines behind the router), but that's not the intention of NAT, but rather, as basic priority, to allow a bunch of computers with private IPs to share one public IP address.

    I have been running the Linux firewall/IP masquerading/NAT - ipfw, ipchains, iptables - the latter is the one that's in the WRT - for years on a Linux box (a Pentium I, 133MHz) that was my router and also did my dial-up connection, and I never had a breach of security (well, none that I know of anyway). My logs show that plenty tried.

    Having said that, the firewall on your router is only as good or as bad as you set it up, but, generally speaking, if you don't use port forwarding, DMZ, and other fancies, you're pretty OK.

    The cool thing about the firewall on your router is that you don't need any firewall stuff on the PCs behind the router.
  8. Ferret

    Ferret LI Guru Member

    That answered my question on Zone Alarm m8. As Zone Alarm is a software based Firewall, it also has Antivirus built in but i now have Nod32 looking after that.

    Thanks for you time HennieM

  9. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    You're welcome m8! Just remember though, that if you provide any service like http, ftp, or even games, from a machine behind the router, and thus do port forwarding or such from the router, you'll still need to protect that machine/service, as the forwarded ports/service/machine would be directly exposed to the internet.
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