WRT54GL, Airport Express, WDS, Airtunes & Printer Sharing

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by ferrugin, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. ferrugin

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    I recently purchased a Linksys WRT54GL (ver. 1.1) and loaded it with Tomato 1.20 and it's running great. Previously, I used a messy wired/wireless setup with a modem/router and an Airport Express (v. 6.3).

    Now the modem acts as a bridge and the Linksys handles the routing for all the computers. However, I would like to make use of the Airport Express, particularly of its capabilities to share a printer and stream music. I vaguely know about WDS through searching for some info online. I have set up both routers, the Linksys as an AP + WDS, and the AE as a remote.

    As for the printer, I use an HP Laserjet 1012. It's not a network printer, but when it was connected to the AE I could print to it both from a PC and a Mac using this guide. I am not sure what IP address to print to now, or how to direct print jobs to the AE while it is in WDS mode, if that's possible. Also, can Airtunes still work while AE is in WDS mode?

    Any help is welcome.

    Thank you.
  2. fyellin

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    In my house, I have two separate wireless networks running on two separate wireless channels, the AE runs in N-mode exclusively and the Linksys runs in G-mode exclusively. If you have no need for two separate wireless networks (and if the AE doesn't have N, then you probably don't), then just turn off the Wireless on one or the other of them, it's easy.

    As for actual setup, plug the WAN port of the AE into one of the LAN ports of the Linksys. I don't have the documentation in front of me, but it is easy to tell the AE that it is merely a bridge, and that it is not to do any NAT or DHCP. All computers, should see both Linksys and the AE, and devices attached to the AE are accessible.
  3. ferrugin

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    After thinking for a bit after I posted, I thought of that setup too. I just don't want the AE to go to unused. I did get both to work in WDS mode, but lots of problems occured and WDS is unneeded. If I wanted to print to the printer attached to it, would I just change the TCP/IP settings to match the IP address of the AE? Also, will Airtunes still work?

    I shall fiddle with that setup. Thanks!
  4. fyellin

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    My previous note was possibly a mistake. I misread your message as saying that you had an Airport Base station, rather than an Airport Express, and in spite of my typing AE four or five times, my brain was going "airport base station."

    AEs are quite limited in what they can do. My experience is that they can do one think well at a time, and that's about it. If I remember my manual correctly, you can have the AE talk on the wireless network that your linksys creates, and use it to both 1) run airtunes and 2) drive printers and disk drives.

    AEs, like much of Apples wireless hardware, seems to be badly designed, poorly implemented pieces of crap with a surprisingly bad UI to go on top of it. The only reason to buy an AE is that it is small (you can throw it into your suitcase for a trip), and because Apple refuses to make public the specifications for AirTunes.
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    I have one of these, and when I migrated to a real router, I decided to utilise the APE as a print server only. It is physically connected to the router feeding the HP printer.


    Connect via Ethernet
    Configure IPv4 DHCP
    Domain Name <you choose>
    DHCP Client ID <you choose, I used airport>
    Ethernet WAN port Automatic
    Connection sharing Off (Bridge Mode)

    if you are not using snmp (in advanced) turn it off.

    Set all that up. the save (use a profile).

    From memory, I used Bonjour to find the printer, usable by wired/wireless connected MACS.

    I used the Printer Setup Utility (down Applications/Utilities), used IPP, entered the name(airport.local for example), and got it to search, set up printer type.

    Now you have your APE as a print server.

    I have not tried Wireless to the router as there is no need, and the same for I tunes

    Good Luck
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