WRT54GL and corerev=9, to ND or not to ND?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Vezado, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Vezado

    Vezado LI Guru Member

    I've just purchased another WRT54GL to replace a dlink DGL-4300 that couldn't handle the thai heat. I was under the impression that the ND versions were never intended for the WRT54GL, but the victek site states:

    My WRT54GL is reporting wl0_corerev=9, but seems OK on the non-ND version. Should i switch or not?
  2. belliash

    belliash Addicted to LI Member

    Actually i use ND and it works, however non-ND seems to work more fluently... (at least for me)
  3. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  4. Vezado

    Vezado LI Guru Member

    i should have mentioned i am running the Victek mod, non-ND.

    So can i save the settings from my current version, load the ND version and reload the settings? i tried this from standard Tomato to OpenVPN tomato, same firmware version #, but it didn't work.
  5. Rafatk

    Rafatk Network Guru Member

    I had to test both (1.25 ND and 1.25 non-ND) in my router WRT54GSv4.
    And in the device list my wireless clients get better signal with the ND.

    And the ND is that Toastman said it is for. If you have Intel wireless in any of you computers, and you have some problems connecting, you should stick with the ND.
  6. Vezado

    Vezado LI Guru Member

    That's right! I do remember Intel problems now in another office, but i assumed it was just a settings issue. Changing to '802.11g only' fixed the problem if i remember right. A few laptops needed to have the intel wireless app installed too, the default windows wifi manager couldn't connect. I'll check that 54GL and see what the corerev is, if it is 9 also then i'll try ND.

    Thanks for your help guys.
  7. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    My WRT54G-TM has wl0_corerev=9 and it's rock solid on Tomato ND.
  8. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    Same here. ND is better for me on both my Intel and Atheros based wireless cards.

    However, I do find that 1.25 drops out for me whereas 1.23 is rock solid. I'd wait for 1.26.
  9. Rafatk

    Rafatk Network Guru Member


    It has been fine for me, no drops, anything. The only problem I had was with a DNS server, but it was not related to Tomato. And because of it I tested both versions ND and non-ND.
    Since then I did not have a single problem.
    Probably Victek will launch a RAF edition of the 1.25 that will have more features and some mods that will make even more reliable. Waiting on that to test!

    My uptime now is 5 days and 4 hours.
  10. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Network Guru Member

    I think Victek is just going to wait for 1.26 before he does an upgrade, and I won't upgrade to anything else until he does that.
  11. leftstrat

    leftstrat Addicted to LI Member

    I'm very happy with Victek's 1.23 version. I'll stick with his mods, and upgrade to 1.25 afte he's worked on it. :)
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