WRT54GL and Nortel VPN disconnects

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by bluejudas, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. bluejudas

    bluejudas LI Guru Member


    I have the WRT54GL Firmware Version: v4.30.7
    The WRT54GL is connected through a Aethera FS 4104-AW router. I am using PPPoE in the WRT54GL.
    My Nortel VPN client keeps disconnecting? I have no problem connection to the VPN network but it disconnects all the time. I am not using wireless connection for my computer, my xbox is connected with wireless.

    If I connect my computer directly to the Aethera FS 4104-AW router I have no problems with disconnects for the VPN Client.

  2. bluejudas

    bluejudas LI Guru Member

    It looks like the vpn client drops connection when I am eg surfing with Firefox. Its pretty stable when just using the vpn client, but as soon as I start surfing it drops connection!! The same thing happens when I have focus on the vpn client window and Firefox automatically reloads a page. I guess the router have a problem with the vpn connections when other type of net activity is going on??
  3. bluejudas

    bluejudas LI Guru Member

    Any help?
  4. bluejudas

    bluejudas LI Guru Member

    I tried to upgrade to Tomato Version 1.04.0944... that did not help much...
    Any suggestions ?
  5. ljondov

    ljondov LI Guru Member

    tomato 1.04

    tomato 1.04
    this firmware is the best of all
    QoS work very nice
    no clients conections drop
    router is very stable
    i like this firmware
  6. bluejudas

    bluejudas LI Guru Member

    What is weird is that it keeps disconnection when I am surfing with e.g. Firefox... but its mostly stable when I am just using the vpn client... !?!?
    Is there some timeout settings or something that can be reconfigured to make it more stable??
    I have an ping running in the background to one of the computer behind the vpn network... still not stable :(
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