WRT54GL and WAP54G v2

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Abductor, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Abductor

    Abductor Network Guru Member

    I can get this configured as a repeater, and it works great, UNTIL I disconnected the AP's LAN from the router, then I can still connect to the AP's wireless network, but I cant get internet connectivity and the router can't access it at anymore. Any idea why? Many are touting the latest firmware for the WRT54G but I have the GL. Federom's technique is no good for me, I can't be reconfiguring it every couple of days.
  2. Abductor

    Abductor Network Guru Member

    Well, I guess maybe I'll just shell out the bucks for the repeater. If anyone is able to offer some help today I'd be extremely grateful.
  3. sokolov

    sokolov Network Guru Member


    Iam trying to connect same hardware.

    Iam using wrt54gl with ORIGINAL Firmware v4.30.2
    and WAP54G v2 2.06 (feya1.0 I think)

    WAP is connectet to WRT as Wireless Bridge and is working in two ways. There is no Security.
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