WRT54GL and WRE54G connected but no internet

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by HenkG, Nov 25, 2007.

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    I have a WRT54GL v1.1 and recently bought the WRE54G v3 range extender. I finally have the setup on the WRE54G working, both blue lights are on and the mac address of the router is displayed on the setup screen.

    I am running Tomato 1.07 on the WRT54GL and changed its mode to AP + WDS. When I turn on the WRE54G I get an excellent signal but I cannot connect to the internet. I can ping (WRE54G) but not (WRT54GL). The connection is secured using WPA.

    I have configured the wireless client with a static IP address 192.168.1.xxx, subnet and gateway

    My internet connection is working because when I switch of the WRE54G I can connect to the internet.

    In short this is working:
    INTERNET <-- WRT54GL <-- Wireless client

    And this is not working
    INTERNET <-- WRT54GL <-- WRE54G <-- Wireless client

    Does anyone know what I have to do to get this setup working.

  2. HenkG

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    Fixed it

    Ok, this is what I did to fix the issue
    1. removed security settings from the router (WPA-PSK)
    2. reset the WRE54G
    3. put the WRE54G close to the router and pressed auto-config
    4. changed the router from AP+WDS to AP
    5. changed the channel on the router from 7 to 1 (WRE54G needs 1, 6 or 11??)
    5. wired the WRE54G to a pc
    6. set the IP address of the LAN port to a static address
    7. in the webconsole of the WRE54G set the ip address, subnet,gateway and channel
    8. saved settings, waited for the decive to reboot
    9. set security settings on the WRE54G (WPA+PSK)
    10. saved settings, waited for the device to reboot and turned it off
    11. set security settings on the AP
    12. performed a full power cycle

    and everything now works. Got excellent signal in an area that got a low to no signal.

    Hope this helps other people facing the same problem.
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