WRT54GL as "a gate" to WiFi

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by wmoroz, May 3, 2008.

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    Excuse me for a longish intro to a simple problem.

    I have been using my first WRT54GL router for some 18 months, successfully loaded DD-WRT v23 SP2 (10/19/06) std, several times restoring to the original LinkSys firmware and back, just to check the probability of “bricking” this device. Luckily I did not succeed in this :), so I am not a complete newbe.

    I am using it normally with a 2 desktop PCs running on XP Home, SP2.
    Ethernet LAN cable from my ISP is in the WAN socket, the desktops’ Ethernet LAN cables are in 2 of the 4 ports and Ethernet LAN cable from a VoIP phone in another of the 4 ports.

    The wireless function of the router I am using to connect my laptop, an HP with built-in wireless Broadcom “card”, also running XP Home, SP2.

    All is working well, though sometimes I have to reset the router (just by switching power off) to regain wireless connection. I do not know if it is normal but it is not a problem.

    I even set-up a method of waking-up my main desktop remotely from my laptop via the Internet, using strong-signal hot-spots and fully accessing it and working on my laptop as if on my main desktop - a bit sluggish but satisfactory.

    THE PROBLEM is that in order to be able to connect to wireless networks while away from my home/office, I purchased another WRT54GL and I do not know how to use it as THE device that connects my laptop to the Internet wirelessly.

    I am not always satisfied with performance of the built-in WiFi module in my HP laptop so I tried 2 of those small USB WiFi “cards” and good antennas, the best so far is a bi-quad that I made myself helped by information found on appropriate sites.

    But I would like to experiment with my second WRT54GL as a “gate” to the Internet and I have no idea whether it is possible and if so, how?

    I have found on the Net (with Google’s help) so far only one mention of such situation: “...connect your PC to your router’s WLAN port…" but without any more information.

    So my problem and question is about any PC, not just a laptop, connecting to the Internet via such router.
    I assume that connection between PC and the WRT54GL is by Ethernet cable, and between the WRT54GL and any available WiFi network/hotspot is done by radio-module of the router, to which I may connect another antenna (or two) instead of the router’s own “stick(s)”.

    Can anybody please give me some clue on this, please?

    Thank you for your attention,

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