WRT54GL - death after flash HyperWRT firmware :( help pls.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by NickRabit, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. NickRabit

    NickRabit Network Guru Member

    I have a very big problem with my wrt54gl router. I installed the hyperWRT 2.1b1, upgrade worked ok, said Upgrade completed! After this point, the AP doesn't answer anymore!

    I pressed the reset button, powered it down, powered back up! No answer! Not on the and not on the (default port??). Ping said Time out, no http, no tftp :( :(

    Power: green(blink)
    ethernet 1,where i have conected cable: green

    Does anybody have an idea? Would be very nice! Thx.
  2. NickRabit

    NickRabit Network Guru Member

  3. NickRabit

    NickRabit Network Guru Member

    now is all OK :). I flashed with tftp new firmware: Tofu 12(HyperWRT+tofu) and all is OK :)
  4. superthx

    superthx Network Guru Member

    Yes u try this tip and :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  5. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Good luck!
  6. gaster

    gaster Network Guru Member

    I know what the problem is. The GL unit is the same as a V4 in terms of hardware. The old HyperWRT firmware you initially flashed is too old and will brick these V4 and GL units. It does not have drivers, etc. for these new units because the new models have a new CPU, etc.

    The root cause of this is that the HyperWRT front page is very old and does not list the latest firmware. Anything you download from there will brick the new routers. You need to go to the forums and look around a bit to get firmware that will work properly, and it looks like you did already so all should be good now.
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