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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by vlahos, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. vlahos

    vlahos Network Guru Member

    Where can i find the firmware that was inside my WRT54GL-EU ?
    It was version 4.30.1 with all 14 channels
    On Linksys website there is only the US version (4.30.2 newer)
    but with 11 channels
    I flashed into it (and others: DD-WRT v23 etc)
    Now i would like the original (V4.30.1 european version)

    Anybody ?

  2. rednaxela

    rednaxela Network Guru Member

    Can anyone help out on this? I also own a WRT54GL EU version and upon flashing it with the latest official US fw 4.30.2 it only has 11 channels from the original 13. Is there a way I can revert back to the original firmware? Is it even possible?

    Many thanks!
  3. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    I looked around on the Linksys FTP site and didn't see it.

    Though it is not official firmware, you may want to try HyperWRT Thibor, which is closely based on the latest Linksys firmware, and has all of the European channels enabled.

    Otherwise, I'd call Linksys support and ask where to find the official EU firmware for the GL.
  4. rednaxela

    rednaxela Network Guru Member

    @ NateHoy

    Thanks for trying to find the official fw. Hope someone can find it. Can I flash to an earlier fw version if i do get the chance to find it?
  5. rednaxela

    rednaxela Network Guru Member

  6. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Yes, that was the only version I could find, and it is (I assume) German. Of course, you can always load it and see, and if you speak enough German or remember the screens well enough... ;)
  7. rednaxela

    rednaxela Network Guru Member

  8. rednaxela

    rednaxela Network Guru Member

    ooh that's quite a risk. I'll leave it as it is then!!!

    Thanks so much NateHoy.
  9. vlahos

    vlahos Network Guru Member

    The correct link for WHAT ?

    you gave a link to an FTP that contains hundrends of firmwares EXEPT the one we are looking for

    If you disagree then post the complete link (to the file)
    in case you feel i missed it but i am sure it isnt there

    I think that it doesnt exist (they dont have it available) which is a violation of GNU license (because the source they provide in the website is for the US version - along with the built image)
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    tbh i cannot see how the EU 4.30.1 had 14 channels. this is illegal in the eyes of ETSI which linksys EU firmware conforms to.

    The licensing breech afaik is only illegal if the firmware binary for distribution has no sourc code as well. since there is neither binary (EU for distribution) or src code, for the EU firmware, then no law has been broken.
  11. vlahos

    vlahos Network Guru Member

    I dont have a clue what you are talking about
    Why you say that it is impossible to have 14 channels ?
    All access points sold here (europe) have 14 (or 13) channels
    In America 11
    As for the binary i am just asking for what was inside the box
    There is no way that you are no able to find the firmware that was in the box when they sold it to you
    I cannot swear that it had 14 channels because i didnt paid attention
    Its just that all access points i have seen have channels 12-13-14
    (D-Link, Gigabyte etc)
    Where is the illegal part ?
  12. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    ETSI means max 13 channels

    All european WIFI devices have a max of 13 channels. These devices may be sold in europa, but not be used in every country (france and spain).
    14 channel devices may not be sold (to endusers) in the EU.

    But about your question? The firmware can be asked by email-ing Linksys. This is the best way to get the EU-firmware with 13 channels.

    Jchuit-Tarifa firmware.
  13. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    EU firmware has 1-13 channels available in the Wireless section
    US firmware has 1-11 channels available in the Wireless section
    Japan Firmware has 1-14 channels available in the wirless section.

    some countries in EU though limit the 13 channles to 4 (afaik)

    the illegal part is where vendor allows more channles to be used than the European Standard set by ETSI. http://www.etsi.org/

    just like it is illegal to broadcast with a signal of more than 100mW in Europe, as this is also set by ETSI.

    The standard for Wirless is as far as I know ETSI ETS 300-328
  14. vlahos

    vlahos Network Guru Member

    How can i save the image that there is inside the box so i can go back to it later ?
    I cannot find it in linksys site or ftp
    My unit is WRT54GL-EU version 1.1 (CL7B)
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