wrt54gl keeps loosing connectíon.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by salle74, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. salle74

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    Hello i have a problem. I have set up a wireless ethernet bridge between a dlink 624+ as main router and a wrt54gl as a second router. The connection works fine about 5-10 minutes, i can reach all the comupers on the lan/wan and both routers are no problem to log into from any computer but after 5-10 miutes the connection goes down. I must brake the power to the linksys and plug it in again to gain access to it again. Dlink 624 running original firmware, wrt54gl running tomato. Any ideas?
  2. wthess

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    Well, more information would be helpful as this could be many different problems. Here are some suggestions, though.

    -Make sure your wireless routers are on different channels. If they are on the same channel, they may be interfering with each other.

    -If the wireless routers are too far away from each other, the link between the two could be dropping due to signal loss.

    -If you are using DSL, and the router that is dropping out on you is passing the userid and password to the modem in bridged mode, make sure your modem is configured for "always on" rather than "on demand".

    -Make sure only one of your routers has DHCP enabled. They will conflict with each other if you don't. I would turn DHCP on the router that is connected to the modem and turn it off on all other routers.

    -Make sure your secondary router has a static IP address not within the range of the DHCP addresses issued by your primary. ex: for the secondary router ip with DHCP issuing addresses between and

    -Also make sure your secondary router uses the ip of the primary as its gateway. ex: if primary router is then use in the "gateway" field of the secondary router.

    -If your wireless routers are different brands, you could be running into a compatibility issues.

    Try looking at these if you haven't already, and see what happens.
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