WRT54GL + Playstation 3 + Wireless = 44% quality?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by ChikaloTheChicklet, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. ChikaloTheChicklet

    ChikaloTheChicklet Addicted to LI Member


    using 1.21 Tomato firmware

    my playstation 3 and router are in the same room, using wireless connection

    I get random drops on my PS3 when connected online and playing games sometimes i just get disconnected from Playstation network

    PS3 says signal strength is 90-100% most of the time but Tomato says the connection is quality is 44%?

    What settings can i use to help improve my connection?

    Photo of Tomato 44%


    Photo of distance in Room

  2. ChikaloTheChicklet

    ChikaloTheChicklet Addicted to LI Member

    other info

    no other wireless devices in this room or in this house

    Playstation Network PSN error i get disconnected is 8002A548

    Wired connection it's fine but it's messy with wires
  3. mikele

    mikele Network Guru Member

    Tomato (1.21 now) is very bad to stream avi divx/xvid movie with any game but with wmp11, tversity, orb, or whatever you want on wirelessed PS3 too. PS3 Streaming freeze, jerk, stop for buffering like huge fuk'n'ass'ole !!!!
    Hyperwrt thibor is better but its not the best. I think this router have serious streaming problem with PS3 ONLY because PS3 is unable to streaming only one movie ALONE whereas my iPhone and my laptop stream together two various movies perfectly!!!...
    I tried tomato 1.21, hyperwrt thibor 15c, original linksys 4.7 too without success with this f.u.c.k.i.n.g. PS3.
    Hyperwrt Thibor is the better, tomato is badest...

    I think it's a serious but not only PS3 buffering problem, there is only a poor 256MB memory inside the playstation 3 box... (grandfathers 1990's computer windows 3.1 have more ...!!!)
    Between my wirelesses laptop and my computer I upload a complete 700MB movie in 2 minutes in streaming...In fact, that's mean exactly 2600KB/s thats PS3 can NEVER handle with 256MB memory only...
    Unfortunately PS3 don't use his hard drive for buffering too... and the wifi receiver are so cheapppppppppppppppppp...
    This is THE problem.

    Sony programmers have to do with the splendid cell processor for optimizing transferts between components inside and putting any REAL wifi receiver in the box BEFORE to grow a gigantic firmware for nothing...

    But actually, This 80Gig black box is an ass.
    Unfortunately I have better quality than yours (60%), that's help FOR NOTHING with PS3...
  4. peyton

    peyton Network Guru Member

    Are your wireless on channel 1 ?
    It's the worst because too many devices use the same and you can disturb the quality with micro waves & co.
    Try another one like 11.
  5. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    And you base this information on what? My family and I watch movies through my sons 360 all the time with no stuttering, freezing or buffering. Unless this is only a PS3 problem?

    PC --> (wired) --> router --> (wireless) --> router --> (wireless) --> 360 --> (wired) --> Television
  6. ChikaloTheChicklet

    ChikaloTheChicklet Addicted to LI Member

    thanks for replies

    i've read the ps3 built in wireless isn't so great

    i've tried changing channels, from 1-11 and when i press scan, some people in my neighborhood seem to be on same channel so i jump off that one

    gonna give this Hyper WRT a try, thanks
  7. Dashiell

    Dashiell Network Guru Member

    The latest PS3 firmware update has totally trashed the streaming video section. I was streaming wireless DivX with no problems until the 2.50 update. The 2.52 update fixed a few issues, but it's still a stuttering, stalling mess.

    The PS3 forums are lit up with this issue.
  8. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Just to point out that the Quality parameter in the Tomato wireless stats is not a percentage, it is a signal to noise ratio - the difference between RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) and Noise, look at the Wireless survey output

    If RSSI is -74dBm, Noise -96dBm, Quality = 22dBm
  9. ChikaloTheChicklet

    ChikaloTheChicklet Addicted to LI Member

    ok so still using Thibor Hyper WRT

    found some new info here about settings with PS3

  10. mikele

    mikele Network Guru Member

    Curiously, streaming video problems with PS3 are exactly the same with huge files...
    I just stream complete 2h movie .vob files (4,5GB Mpeg2 .Vob bluray file) with less problem or same problem than divx or xvid 700MB file… No more problem, no less problem. may be less curiously...That’s jerk a little and buffering like xvid or divx, but no more, as I can say curiously its better than divx or xvid avi file… I can see the complete movie without annoying stop like avi... and streaming 4.5GB mpeg2 file need hight rate transfert compare to 700MB divx...
    Definitely My wrt54gs with hyperwrt thibor give me an excellent transfer rate so... I think we have to wait for brand new ps3 firmware because hyperwrt do a good job... (see my streaming transfer rate picture...)

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  11. mikele

    mikele Network Guru Member

  12. mikele

    mikele Network Guru Member

    I'm looking now on streaming huge DivX HD hight bitrate 3440kbps !!!! 3GB file with PS3 and this is exactly the same problem or same problem than divx or xvid 700MB file… No more problem, no less problem. may be less curiously...
    That’s jerk a little and buffering like xvid or divx 700MB / 900kbps bitrate, but no more, as I can say for Mpeg2 file curiously its better… I can see the complete movie without annoying stop like with low bitrate...
    This is a proof : This is NOT a transfer rate problem but really a bug inside the brand new PS3 firmware...
  13. ChikaloTheChicklet

    ChikaloTheChicklet Addicted to LI Member

    with these settings

    Beacon Interval 75
    DTIM Interval 1
    Fragmentation threshold 2306
    RTS threshold 2307

    i played battlefield bad company lastnight on wireless for 4 straight games and not once did i get disconnected, i usually wouldn't make it past one game without getting booted before on wireless

    microphone audio was also good on those games

    also watched a 30 minute tv show from my computer on media server, no buffering but the movie was pretty small file size about 300mb

    i will try a 720p movie later that's about 3.0gb
  14. mikele

    mikele Network Guru Member

    for the game may be good, but for streaming its same crap
  15. Dashiell

    Dashiell Network Guru Member

    Agreed. In fact, it seems to have made the streaming a bit worse. I am convinced this feature was broken in 2.50, and only partially repaired in 2.52. This is not going to get any better until Sony fixes it.

    I have both a ps3 and a 360 sitting next to each other, a floor below the router. They both connect wirelessly to a wrt5gl running the latest test release of tomato. There is absolutely zero streaming problems with the 360. That should tell you that the problem does not lie in the tomato config.
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