WRT54GL set boot_wait= on , ping hack fixed ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by smart-bit, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Hi ,

    I bought a new WRT54GL CL7B with 4.30.7 on it.
    I have tried to use the ping_exploit, but this does not work.
    (I have configered static ip for the WAN interface and a normal ping is working)

    I have searched the Forum and the web but did not found a way to set boot_wait on on the new WRT54GL devices v1.1 with serial CL7B1F9....

    Does anybody have expierences with this hardware version and can help me ?
    From what I understand the boot_wait=on is a very very useful step to recover if something goes wrong with the flashing of the 3'rd party firmware.

    - edit -
    In the meantime I have taken the risk to flash DD-WRT V23 SP2 standard without having set the boot_wait=on statement.

    It worked and I have no the DD-WRT running on my WRT54GL.
    May be a hint for other's who will flash their box in future.
    - I have done a hard reset
    - flashed the micro firmware via the Web GUI
    - done another hard reset ( this is important, as the web GUI wasn't reachable without the hard reset)
    - flashed the standard WW-WRT firmware via the web GUI
    - done a hard reset

    The new firmware is working fine.
    I'm only disappointed from the WLAN RX quality of the WRT54GL. When searching for WLAN's in the neighborhood the WRT54GL found only 2 WLAN's with poor level. My computer is using a Netgear MA111v2 USB WLAN stick and founds 5 WLAN's ( note the USB stick is only a 11Mbit device and I expect this will result in finding only 11Mbit lan's. From the 54 Mbit WRT54GL I expect to find more WLAN's)
    I will play a bit around with the settings.
    Transmit power is good but receiving is disappointing. I have still the hope I have done some mistake in the config somewhere.

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