wrt54gl SWITCH/bridge 'dhcp=off' secure2w ttls

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by walterav, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. walterav

    walterav Guest

    wrt54gl SWITCH/bridge 'dhcp=off' not bridging all connections '8021x authentication'


    When disabling 'DHCP server' and connecting a 'normal' router to 1 of the 4 internal 'switch' ports 'instead of WAN-port' seems to bridge the ethernet and works fine.
    All devices get an IP-adres from the primary router so the wrt54gl works like a SWITCH 'sort off'.

    Compared to a 10 euro switch not everything seems to get BRIDGED, a normal DHCP router gets bridged perfectly with the WRT54GL, but one that uses 8021x authentication doesnt!!! BUT a 10 euro switch works great...

    any one an idea? how I can make the WRT54GL more SWITCH LIKE?

    In the end I would like to pass the authentication "bridge" to the wifi, but first i need to make ethernet work
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