wrt54gl/tomato 1.27 poor throughput

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by nozmoking, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. nozmoking

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    I've been running a wrt54gl and tomato 1.27 with a Motorola modem and Comcast's "up to 12Mb" connection and have been routinely seeing close to 12Mb speed on the wireless side most of the time. I just upgraded the connection to "50Mb" that required a modem swap and I get a solid >60Mb speed at the Ethernet port on the modem but now on the wireless side of the router I'm getting between 6 and 10 Mb. The wired ports on the router aren't hitting above 25 - 30Mb. I have QOS turned off for the moment and I can't see any other reason for the bad throughput.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

  3. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    The 50mb service will require a new router. The WRT54GL does not have the horse power for a connection like that. That is why you are seeing better results going through the modem by itself. You can OC and try to get more out of and try this firmware that gives you 80mb throughput.

    Tomato RAF 1.28.121006. This version guarantees WAN-LAN 80Mb throughput. For WRT54GL v1.0 & V1.1. Christmas Edition


  4. nozmoking

    nozmoking LI Guru Member


    Thanks - I'll give it a try. I'm a bit confused about which version to install:

    "wl0_corerev=7 or 9 When digit is =>7 or 9 then use ND version. If <7 or 9 use normal" - The core rev is 9 so I assume I should use the ND version, correct?

  5. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Those other versions will not give you the 80mb through put. Only the following version on that site.

    Tomato RAF 1.28.121006

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