WRT54GL: using a dsl-modem-router as MODEM (modemport)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by linklink, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. linklink

    linklink Guest

    Hello there!

    I've just bought a linksys WRT54GL wifi-router
    and two linksys wireless pci adapters.
    First of all: Linksys rocks!

    The Problem:
    I already own a U.S.Robotics dsl-modem-router which
    I want to use as a modem for wrt54gl (means connect them
    via linksys' modemport). Unfortunately, that doesn't
    work at all. I still can't access the internet.
    And I can access the u.s.robotics router within
    wlan. (i have to connect via ethernetcable... (to the dslmodem/router))

    Is that a DHCP issue? Or what can I do now?
    I already changed the gateway address, so they don't
    have the same IP.

    Thanks in advance!



    p.s. so glad i found this forum!
  2. rach2k

    rach2k Guest


    I'm having a problem with this too. Connection through my modem/router (Billion) alone works fine, but I can't get anywhere once I plug the WRT54GL in. When I connect to the WRT54GL with a wire, I can get internet access (ie I can ping an ip address), but I've got no DNS (I can't ping www.bbc.co.uk) service from my ISP. The laptop can't detect the wireless signal at all.

    I'm reasonably confident about the settings on the wireless router, or at least my ISP support guys were. Do I need to change something on the setting of the Billion router?

    Thanks in advance!
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