wrt54gl with thibor 15c and fios... 30% upload speed?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by tastyratz, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. tastyratz

    tastyratz LI Guru Member

    so I just had verizon here to install fios internet, and ive been running comcast cable net but didnt notice until now with my wrt54gl that my upload speeds have been abysmal!

    speakeasy and few other tests are run and averaged giving me this:

    Cable tests before verizon
    down 16537kbps (damn powerbooster the first 20mb screwing up my ability to really get an acurate #... trust me thats not a sustained speed)
    up 362kbps

    Verizon supplied router with fios
    down 15200kbps
    up 1800kbps

    wrt54gl with fios
    down 152000kbps

    anyone have any idea as to why im only getting a third of my upload speed on this thing??

    Tried release renew reboot... you name it. setting somewhere??
  2. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    what is you mtu setting? lots of folks have problem with auto...
  3. tastyratz

    tastyratz LI Guru Member

    grcore: I tried it with auto mtu, as well as manual 1500, and 1492 which is recommended on the fios website with verizon just now... same results :-(
    I cant find anything else in the router page to configure that might be causing this
  4. tastyratz

    tastyratz LI Guru Member

    so I found the problem. I went and cleared the nv ram, after that I was ok. I slowly re-instated my settings by hand after that and it looks like this has to do with me enabling QOS on thibor15c. Disabling that gave me full speed back, and no the voip device wasnt enen in use no calls or anything.

    Bug#2 in thibor qos. I enabled it, and setup my voip device to have highest priority. It shows it as highest when I save it, but if I return to the page it shows the voip device as low priority. I also notice that when I tried adding it showed the "my voice device" to the right of the option but it listed the routers mac address there, I dont know if thats normal or if its supposed to guess the voip device and put it there, perhaps thats causing conflicts.

    Just wanted to get those few documented in for forum so people are aware of it. Thanks :)
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