WRT54GL & WMP54G Not connecting?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Taipans, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Taipans

    Taipans LI Guru Member

    I have been trying to get these two to work together for weeks and chatted back and forth with linksys support. I have yet to get a direct answer and stumbled across this site and I hope someone here knows what I need to do?

    First off the router works great with my wifes and my computers hardwired into it. We are trying to get the WMP54G to connect wireless about 25 foot away in my daughters room.

    Problem one was I could install the card with the driver CD the the monitor software that on the CD will not load, or auto run, or load manually. Just a blue box pops up and quickly dissapeers like it tried but closed down. So I cannot use the Linksys monitor program to help set up the card.

    Ok so since I couldnt use it I tried using the built in WINXP WZC. I have tried almost all flavors of security inside the router and sometimes WZC finds our network other times it finds one of the neighbors around us. When it does find out network I connect into it. But this only works for about 1min until I lose the signal and it defaults back to connecting to my neighbors wireless network.

    The ONLY way I can get the card and router to work at all is to disable all secuity inside the router. Then it finds it in WZC connects and usually stays connected, well for atleast a little while. Long enough to download some windows updates.

    So I'm kind of stuck here, I need the two to talk and hook up using one of the types of security. I have no idea why linksys system monitor wont work, but it does the same thing when trying to run it on my computer and the few I tried at work. The downloads all do the same unless I download a higher version. This I tried to only to finally have the monitor installed but it didnt see my router, even when I had the damn thing flashing when its suppose to go out and find your devices?

    I'm at a complete loss and have no idea what to do next, if someone has any idea please let me know!

    Thanks so much,

  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Have you tried changing router's wireless channel? The problem could be caused by isolated radio interference pockets near the computer.

    How much materials does the signal have to pass through between those 25 feet?
  3. Taipans

    Taipans LI Guru Member

    I have tried channel 6 and 11. It has to pass through 2-3 standard drywall walls? Her room is just down the hall, I would guess around 25-30ft max.

    Thanks for the reply!

  4. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    You should try all other channels too.

    How is the signal strength when the network is visible? The dry walls could be a problem but since construction companies use mostly bricks to partition rooms in the city I live, I can't comment on the material, but after 2 brick walls and at 30 feet my signal is quite borderline these days - not helped by massive interference on all channels from neighboring networks.
  5. Taipans

    Taipans LI Guru Member

    I have only tried 6 and 11, I can switch around and see if any of the others help tonight. What gets me is how everything works with the security features set to disabled. And once on, its almost impossible to even see my router.


  6. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    I come across a similar problem myself recently with a new router at the office. The connection keeps trying to get authenticated without success (no problem without encryption) until I pick a few of the channels - the rest of the channels won't work except at night when some of our neighboring offices turn off their networks.
  7. Taipans

    Taipans LI Guru Member

    I have noticed 2 or 3 possible networks around my house. Someone named theirs Sabre-1 and it ALWAYS wants to connect to them... I will try some of the lower channels tonight and see what happens. I just dont get it, I thought this crap was suppose to be easy! Not to mention the linksys software monitor program will not install on any computer (tried a handful) including the copy you can download. It does the same thing, pops up a quick window and then nothing.

    So I'm stuck with the built in XP crap....

    This is such a pain, I hear people using these things all over their homes, and I got the WRT54GL thats suppose to have good range.

  8. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Forgot to ask how good or strong was your signal measured at the client?

    Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) isn't necessarily worse than the wireless connection manager (WCM) provided by the manufacturer - I know the Atheros WCM is not very user friendly despite providing more info than WZC, but there are a few things to bare in mind when using WZC, such as, SSID should be broadcasting (re: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=811427) - it's not a security feature anyway and that your network should be at the top of the list or remove other unwanted connection profiles. (re: http://www.mesquire.com/faq/computer/wlanssid/nossid.htm, last step).

    Since your Linksys WCM doesn't load correctly, it is best to uninstall it or make sure it doesn't try to load altogether to avoid . You may lose the adapter driver by uninstalling, but you can reinstall the driver only by point Windows to the setup CD when it detects the adapter on reboot - just don't run setup program to reinstall the WCM. If you do want to run a WCM instead of WZC, try Buffalo's CM3; it claims to work with most adapters (and I have tried it on my WMP54G v1.0).

    Are you using a Linksys factory firmware? Most standard 802.11b and 802.11g routers have similar ranges. Since you are running a WRT54GL, yu can consider installing a 3rd party firmware such as the latest by Thibor. They provide a function to adjust transmission strength - Thibor's default of 50% is already boosted. See if that helps with the signal strength. Please note too high a signal strength setting will also boost signal noise thus degrading the quality of the signal.

    Of course, it may seen easy if everything works, and the marketing and sales folks would like you to think to part with your money. When it doesn't some problems are harder to fix than others, and this is why users come to forums such as Linksysinfo.org: to provide help and insight to one another.
  9. mervincm

    mervincm Network Guru Member

    In my experience, I found that helps it to do all connectivity issues with no security. Once you have a solid connection that is reliable, then you add security into the mix. I find this order works best for me

    1) No security, and both devices in line of sight and close proximity till its stable and you get a feel for performance.
    2) Add security, and test till confident in stability and performance.
    3) Move to the end locations, and play with antenna etc to make the most of it.
  10. Taipans

    Taipans LI Guru Member

    Thats a sound plan and one I tried first and yes I can get a solid connection with no security. Enough that I was able to download some windows updates and mess around with it. But I didnt want to run it in a no security mode and thats where my fun has begun.

    Esquire I will try all your suggestions tomorrow evening, thanks so much for taking the time to write all that out!

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