WRT54GL & WUSB54GC Signal Strength

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by joelinkup, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. joelinkup

    joelinkup LI Guru Member

    I have the WRT54GL Router (Latest Linksys Branded Firmware) & WUSB54GC Adapter...I realize that they both transmit and receive a signal...The distance between my Router & Adapter makes the signal strength weak and unreliable...The Hi-Gain Router Antenna does very little to help...So, I am interested in the transmitted power side of the equation...I understand that I can use 3rd Party Firmware to increase the output power of the Router...BUT I cannot increase the output power of the Adapter...So I am assuming that using this 3rd Party Firmware WILL NOT help my situation because if I increase the power output of the Router then the Adapter will see the Router better BUT the Router will still not be able to see the Adapter...So increasing my Router's output power ONLY will NOT help my situation...Have I got this correct??..I REALLY apprecate any input you can give me...Thanks a lot...
  2. Toxic

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    it will help some, as the router has two antennas and would have a better diversity than the USB device.

    Boosting the wireless signal is an option you CANNOT refuse to make by using a 3rd party firmware is the signal is weak. bigger antennas done perform that well tbh. a 3rd party firmware is much better.
  3. joelinkup

    joelinkup LI Guru Member

    Hello again...Please be patient with me...I am having problems navigating this forum...I appreciate your help...So it seems you think flashing new firmware is a MUST whether it helps this particular situation or not...Good Idea...So where do I get this firmware...and what is the simplest and best version that will still keep my GUI looking pretty much the same with more features and work with the WRT54GL...I use WPA & TKIP and want to keep that security or better...Thanks again...Also what is a Quote?? on this forum...
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    this below is a quote

    it takes up far too much room tbh for normal viewing so edit the quote to the exact requirements.


    and read the following.

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