wrt54gr loses internet

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Pilot143, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Pilot143

    Pilot143 Guest

    I did a search, sorry if this has been posted or solved...

    I'm having a problem, I just got the wrt54gr and flashed firmware with linksys latest and greatest (v 1.01 I think?)... this unit has a problem not only connecting, but staying connected to the internet (drops ip).

    any ideas? or has this been seen before? let it warm up a few days first? Thanks in advance...

    ps- just for laughs: I talked to linksys (obiously outsourced) twice today... one of them told me to rename my wireless network as to that was the problem with my internet connection... eh? :confused:
  2. wavelinxtech

    wavelinxtech Guest

    WRT54G v5-6 Dropped Connections

    I have been seeing the same problems with the v5 & 6 WRT54G's. Upgrading to the newest firmware 1.01.1 did not even fox the problems.

    My solution. Returned the last 5 Linksys routers I purchased from Wal-Mart & exchanged them for Belkins. The 2 customers I swapped routers with have not called back since. Before I was making daily truck rolls to their locations.
  3. Egorip

    Egorip LI Guru Member

    I have complained aboute this router in 6 mounth now to Linksys but nothing happened.
    Now I have got a unreleased firmware (v1.09) in german from Linksys, but it still does not work.
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