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    It would be nice to find a meaningful *technical* description of WTF "RangeBooster" really is. Previous example is "diversity", that can mean a dozen different things depending on how you implemented it.

    Are the antenna detachable?

    More importantly, will it run Linux?

    A quick look at the *.bin file shows it's squashfs filesystem starts at 000b0560. I don't have my linux box with the squashfs kernel up right now, perhaps someone can mount the filesystem and look around. If you need to know the procedure see my forum thread where I dissected the WRTSL54GS unit.

    I do see a link to GPL code so that looks like a YES on the Linux.

    A 2.8 meg firmware smells like a 4-meg flash.

    Large photo looks suspiciously like SL unit which had non-detachable antenna. Please Linksys give me my RP-TNC port! I can do more magic with changing out antenna than you can with all this gimmickry. A medium gain 6-9 dBi omni for a flat coverage zone, or perhaps a 15 dBi corner antenna, or even a 24 dBi dish to reach across a distance. There are so many more possibilities with an antenna port!

    I'd like to get off the marketing-buzzword treadmill please. Give me a nice simple unit with ONE antenna port, and lots of flash and RAM.
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    Downloaded the GPL tarball.

    The 95 meg tar file contains.... 2 more tarballs.


    It's like what happens when the security guard cleans out your desk for you. Not neatly packaged up.

    No references to "Barry" in comments in various files like with SL, so probably didn't go through this mystery-man's hands...

    Anyhow, judging by the path it was snapshot 2005-12-06.

    Linux 2.4.29 kernel.

    Nothing really surprising in there on a quick recon. I rather suspect this is the SL unit but with that RangeBooster gimmick in place of the USB. I am a bit off my game, or just tired, but it seems odd there's a '386 vmlinux file in the kernel tree?

    It doesn't really immediately inspire excitement for me, but others may feel differently. For an extra $20 or so I'd rather have USB. Or a good old-fashioned RP-TNC port.

    In it's defense, I do see it on Newegg for $80. A bit more price-drop it might be attractive.

    [EDIT: Looked around on FCC site, found docos. In general, you go here: https://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/oet/cf/eas/reports/GenericSearch.cfm and then punch in Q87 for "Grantee Code" and hit search. This will return all Linksys filings and you can pick out what you want. The one for WRT54GR was pretty obvious. Hardware looks not at all like SL unit, RealTek instead of BroadCom? FCC docs are definite that antenna are not detachable. ]

    Back to you Kip!
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