WRT54GS 2.07.1 3/17/2004

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jdepew, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    Linksys, A division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Product: WRT54GS

    Classification: Firmware Release History

    Firmware Date: 2/24/2004

    Release Date: 3/17/2004

    Last Firmware Version: 2.07.1
    Firmware 2.07.1
    - Improved wireless stability with SpeedBooster clients

    Firmware 2.06.1
    - Initial Release
  2. cabo

    cabo Network Guru Member

    The French and the German Version are currently at
    (Link to the version information is false, so no info)

    There is also an EU version
    see ftp://ftp.linksys.com/international/firmware/ it has the same (ftp) date as the 2.07.2 releases.
    The source for 2.09.1 is also available, but the link on the linksys page is false, it is .../2.09.01/wrt54gs.2.09.1.etsi.tgz instead of .../2.07.01/...

    Update: Just installed 2.09.1 , changes to 2.07.2 DE so far:
    - QoS Support
    - Firewall Filter options ( Multicast,Internet NAT Redirection,Port 113)

    (I bought my WRT54GS yesterday so not sure if this is new: Config Backup/Restore, https Server, http wireless access can be disabled)
  3. muppetmaster

    muppetmaster Network Guru Member

    Does anyone have the real (the one above for the FTP site doesn't work) for the EU version of the WRT54GS firmware (2.09.x)? Also, what is the difference between this version and the US version?
  4. cabo

    cabo Network Guru Member

    The version works, but the ftp link was false (now fixed).

    I've tested the binary version and also compiled it from source.
    Make sure that you download the right file...

    Usually there is a difference in the available channels. Since there is no 2.09 US version, no one can tell ;)
  5. Soto

    Soto Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS-EU_2.09.1_ETSI is not very good at all - lowers signal strength. If you are in the UK or Europe use the American firmware.
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