WRT54GS and Buffalo WLA2-G54C

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    Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie to this site. But since I used info from this site to resolve my problem, I decided I would post what I did to get my setup to work. So this might be a little lengthy.

    I have a WRT54GS Linksys (Version 2) and a Buffalo WLA2-G54C. I wanted to setup Bridging. I have done so with two Buffalo repeaters but not cross vendored like I was trying to do. Long story short, I had used the wrong MAC address for the buffalo repeater (the one from the bottom of the linksys). Later I found the correct one. It was the ETH1 interface that I needed to make this work.

    The reason for this setup is because the buffalo unit is cheaper (I buy direct from TECHDATA) than a wireless game adapter for my PS2 and XBOX from Wal-Mart. So I thought hey for $50.00 I can get them both online. Besides who wants the trouble of cabling CAT-5 through your house when you can do it wirelessly.


    I tried the startup script method of "wl lazywds 0 : wl wds xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" but this did not work in my Linksys box. Got errors. So....Here we go.

    1) Reset my Linksys to factory defaults
    2) Flashed Linksys to HyperWRT 2.1b1 firmware.
    3) Reset my Linksys again. (May be redundant, but I do so anyway)
    4) Turned off DHCP on the Linksys (I have an IPCOP box that does that for me)
    5) Changed IP Address to match my network setup. (I personally use x.x.x.254)
    6) Left SSID set to LINKSYS, Wireless channel 6
    7) Set Security mode to WEP, 64bit 10digit Hex Key (Where I live I'm not that concerned about being "HACKED", but I still don't want just anyone on my wireless network, even by accident)
    8) Turned off the Firewall (My IPCOP provides this service for me, i'm also not using the WAN port so I could of omitted this step, but I always shut off things like that when I don't need them)
    9) Under Administration Started Telnet Daemon
    10) Telnetted to Linksys box
    11) ifconfig (got the ETH1 MAC Address to put into the buffalo unit)
    12) nvram set wl_lazywds=0
    13) nvram set wl0_lazywds=0
    14) nvram set wl_wds=bb:bb:bb:bb:bb:bb (Wireless MAC Address of Buffalo Repeater)
    15) nvram set wl0_wds=bb:bb:bb:bb:bb:bb (Same MAC Address)
    16) nvram commit
    17) reboot
    18) Verified I could still get on the net, then turned off the linksys box to begin work on the Buffalo Unit (I hate cables so I configured the buffalo unit wirelessly, in order to do so I needed no conflicts in the wireless channel)
    *NOTE* the buffalo unit is extremely simple to configure (once you have the right info to put into it :) )
    19) Connected to the buffalo unit via HTTP interface
    20) Changed SSID to Custom = LINKSYS, left wireless channel on 6
    21) Set WEP to HEX and entered 10 digit key
    22) Chaned IP address to my network setup xx.xx.xx.253 (must be different than the other wireless unit)
    23) Turned off DHCP (again my IPCOP box does this for me)
    24) enabled WDS mode, and left dedicated mode unchecked (if checked it will not allow wireless clients to connect only via its ethernet port)
    25) Add WDS partner MAC Address aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa (enter the MAC Address from ETH1 from your ifconfig command earlier)

    *NOTE* make sure you apply changes at the bottom for adding a partner then again at the top, failure to do so will result in it not saving your changes (I overlooked that myself several times, I have a tendency of going a bit fast through things)

    26) Verified I could still ping the buffalo unit, then turned it off and set it up in its place, left power off.
    27) Turned the linksys back on, verified internet connectivity.
    28) Turned on the buffalo unit, connected it to my mini 4 port switch, connected my PS2 and XBOX.

    Voila! I had my ps2 and xbox setup wirelessly in the living room. And I had an expansion to my wireless signal, for $50.00 and a little bit of tinkering.

    Hope this helps somebody out.

    See ya.

    Wayne McKnight
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