WRT54GS and Outlook

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I recently got the WRT54GS and have been trying to configure the same. Internet browsing on both wired and wireless version works fine - however connecting to MS Outlook for email does not (wired or wireless) - on searching thru the linksys support section, read that forwarding the port 25 and 113 (under Port triggering) should work. Made the required changes but still same problem.

    Currently other then the above changes and enabling security, rest of the configuration information is same as out of box.

    Appreciate some help here.

    thanks in advance


    PS: if I remove the router from the network and go direct, same machine, everything works fine.
  2. Lazybones

    Lazybones Network Guru Member

    The problem is not your ports.. I suspect you have your mail server set to something like "mail". When not using your router windows will append your ISPs domain to the end .YourISP.com. With the router in between you might need to change the name of your mail server to something like mail.YourISP.com.

    To figure out what DNS name to append.. Connect your PC without the router, check that the mail is working, then go to the command prompt and type ipconfig.

    You whould see something like Connection-specific DNS suffix : YourISP.com
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Actually no (or I don't know). I am using this in office where the MS Outlook connects directly to MS exchange server on LAN - somethng like WCOSMAILBOX2
  4. Lazybones

    Lazybones Network Guru Member

    Ok well that is a little different.. I thought you where just connecting via pop3 not MAPI.

    In that case I suspect you are connecting your router to your office network via the WAN port. If you want your routers wired and wireless ports to be local to your office network then DISSABLE DHCP on the router and hard code its internal LAN IP to something valid on your office lan. Then connect one of the LAN ports (you may need a crossover cable depending on your other network hardware.) to your office network, don't use the wan port for any thing.

    There are MANY ways you could configure it, some more secure than others.. This method will bypass all the firewalling so your internal security better be good and you need to be using wireless encription WPA or better.
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