WRT54GS and WAP54G Setup with In Wall Wiring

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jraneses, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. jraneses

    jraneses Network Guru Member

    I am going to be setting up a new WRT54GS and WAP54G in my house, and I have a question regarding how best to setup these 2 devices with my in wall Cat 5 wiring. I would like to place the WRT54GS downstairs and the WAP54G upstairs, connecting the WAP54G to the WRT54GS via the in wall Cat 5.


    Cable Jack ---> Cable Modem ---> WRT54GS


    Computer A
    Computer B

    And a connection from one of the ports on the WRT54GS to the 10/100 wall jack.


    10/100 Jack ---> WAP54G



    Will this setup work? Will I need to use a crossover cables to connect the WRT54GS and WAP54G to their respective 10/100 jacks?


  2. GodKomplex

    GodKomplex Network Guru Member

    Or you could just bridge the two to increase your range.. :p

    I have somewhat of a similar setup, but am too lazy to put wiring in the wall... linksys's site has good info on the bridging process

    my WRT54G ---> wirelessly connects to ---> WAP54G

    so I have connectivity down in my basement and upstairs and I didn't have to run a wire!!


  3. howser

    howser Network Guru Member

    To answer your question, you will not need a crossed cable if you hook your WAP54G into one of the lan ports on the WRT54G. It'll be a regular CAT5 cable.
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