WRT54GS and Zonet ZPS2102 Print Server connection timing out

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mackgee, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. mackgee

    mackgee Guest

    This is my first post here so I'll start by saying that I am a networking rookie. Now this is my networking connection. My WRT54GS is in the other side of the house as my office so I am using a WET54GS5 wireless bridge in my office. Connected to the bridge I have three PC's as well as a Zonet ZPS2102 Print Server. I have a parallel and a USB printer connected to the print server.

    Once I install the printers on each PC they work just fine.

    Problem: Because I am connecting via DHCP the client lease time setting in my router max is 9999 minutes, which only allows the IP to be assigned to the two printers for six days. After six days the printers will not respond because their IP has expired. I have to re-install both printers on each PC to get them to work again. This is not an option.

    So I'm asking for help here for any ideas on how to make it so the IP addresses assigned to the printers do not expire. I'm sure it's somewhere in the router set-up, but as I said I'm just a rookie, so any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. KrazyBlu

    KrazyBlu Guest

    set your printers with static ip addresses.
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