wrt54gs: antenna options?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by damorg, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. damorg

    damorg Network Guru Member

    Hello All,

    I have a WRT54GS running the latest dd-wrt firmware.

    I'm moving the wrt into the basement with my cable modem but I'd like to see better/more constant signal throughout the house so I'm wondering about options including alternate antennas.

    Details of my situation:

    With the stock antennas and power set to 56, I see:

    On the first floor farthest-point, the signal bounces from ~55% to ~85% and netstumbler reports SNR fluctuatiing from ~30 through mid-40s. (the farthest point is significant b/c it's the couch ;) )

    In the second floor office (mid-point), I get a fluctuating strength ranging from ~70-100% signal and SNR of high30s-mid40s.

    In the second floor guest room (farthest point), I get signal strength ranging from low80s-95% and SNR of high30s-mid40s.

    I figure my first step is to try to better postion the wrt and its antennas. Past that, however, I am starting to think about alternate antennas. I see a Radio Shack 5.5 dbi set and also the 7 db Linksys HGA7T set. The price of the Linksys set is a little steep at first glance while the RS ones seem more reasonable.

    Any feedback on what might be best suited in my situation for a better, more consistent signal? And whether the lesser antennas are worth it?


  2. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    with u bumping the trasmit power up, you SHOULD see a pretty good boost in strength by simply swapping to a non-stock antenna. I am using a pair of the RS antennas for a client bridge. I would have to suggest thought that you probably want to go with the linksys 7db omnis.
  3. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    I didn't have much luck with the Linksys 7db antennas. I saw minimal gain from it, even when I boosted the power. I tried a few things with it, but didn't really see much difference(I'm using HyperWRT btw). I didn't feel I got enough of a boost, to justify the price. I'll have to check the RS ones tho. They look interesting.

    I've seen some people say they've gotten a descent boost but other say they haven't(that includes me). Your best bet is to get them, but make sure you can return it, if it doesn't work for you.
  4. damorg

    damorg Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the feedback. :)

    A friend has volunteered a 12dbi outdoor antenna that I may hook up in the basement.

    Any gotchas about using an outside antenna inside?
  5. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    the only diffrence between indoor and outdoor antennas are the grade to which they are built. outdoor antennas are weatherproof whereas indoors aren't.
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