WRT54GS Client Mode Question

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by rouble, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. rouble

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    I have two WRT54GS's.

    One is connected to my cable modem (CM) and is a stock linksys box (WRT54GS v1.0), hereafter known as R1.

    The other is running alchemy 1.0 in client mode (WRT54GS v2.0), hereafter known as R2.

    I have set it up such that the R1 is on 192.168.1.* network and R2 is on 192.168.2.* network. R2 is a client to R1, and obtains an ip address of from R1.

    My network looks something like this:

    CM==R1 R2===WDC1
    WLC1 WDC2

    Now I can connect wired clients to R2 (WDC1 and WDC2 in the figure above) and they can access the internet.

    Also I have other wireless clients connecting to R1 directly (WLC1 and so on).

    However, WDC1 and WDC2 are now on subnet 192.168.2.* and WLC1 is on subnet 192.168.1.*. So WLC1 cannot talk to WDC1 (or WDC2).

    My questions:
    Is there anyway to have the clients on R1's subnet talk to the clients on R2's subnet and vice versa ? Is there some sort of routing protocol I need to turn on ?

    Is it necessary for R2 to have an ip address ? Can it not just act as a layer2 bridge between the wired clients and R1 ? More specifically, can the wired clients on R2 directly get their DHCP'd addresses straight from R1 ? Is there really a need for two subnets to achieve what I am trying to do ?
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